Виктор Расук сыграет в "50 оттенков серого" Хосе

Cast members, who will participate in the film adaptation of the acclaimed bestseller “50 shades of grey(50 Shades of Grey) E. L. James, is expanding. Thus, it became known that the role of Jose, other Анастейши Steele College, who is not indifferent, will perform Victor Расук.

The actor is known for work on the show “How to succeed in America” (How to Make It in America) and a movie Be Flynn” (Being Flynn) and “Jobs: the Empire of temptation” (Jobs).

We remind that the main role approved Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson who will play a billionaire Christian warming and student Анастейшу Steele. Also the project does not so long ago joined Jennifer El, best known for the role of Elizabeth Bennet in the series, 1995 “Pride and prejudice” Colin Firth. Here comes the role of Christian brother went to gray Hatch Граймсу.

Виктор Расук
Victor Расук

Виктор Расук

Виктор Расук

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