очень короткие стрижкиSome women life wear long or medium length hair, enjoying the ability to create new hairstyles, others opt for short haircuts, preferring convenience diversity. Those who never cut your hair is very short, will never understand this pleasure, fearing that such hair is not able to look attractive. But the presumption artlessness such hairstyles mistakenly, because even a very short haircuts can look feminine and interesting than a hair, arranged in a large wave.

More famous women make very short haircuts, pictures of which are the main inspirers of their fans hurrying to the master, to cut its length. Get rid of the heavy «mane» even those who by nature has chic data, luxurious, thick hair beautiful natural tone. It once again confirms, that we should not be afraid of such haircuts, which can transform the style, bringing a zest in it, giving the girl a style that it has long sought.

очень короткие стрижкиCreative approach of modern stylists leads to the fact that girls can do different haircuts for very short hair, endlessly experimenting with styling and colors. Unconditional advantage of the cuts, with preservation of the minimum length hair is their health. Long hair, who constantly face enormous mechanical and chemical loads, over time looks dull and tired, but the girls keep their fear of change image. This does not happen with short hair, because even if you mess up the tips of clarification, for the next month you срежете them in the framework of routine shape correction, and hair will be healthy again. Unimportant natural data, subtlety hair, reluctance to spend time on creating complex styling of the mass as often becomes the defining factor in favor of short haircuts.


Who would very short hair?

очень короткие стрижкиDo not worry, if the nature endowed you with data that does not require intervention for прикрывания cheeks, and divert the mind from the massive chin lines, a high forehead. Beautiful oval face shape without outstanding contours and catchy features is the ideal data for such haircuts. Examples of such data can serve as Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Audrey Hepburn and other famous women, whose faces have become the symbols of classical beauty of women. It can be expressed as with loveliness, and the severity of hell, but never vulgarity makeup or non-trivial type, which is at very short hair will not look adorable «highlight»and defect.

Very short haircuts with the crown or the version, in which the whole mass of hair the same length, ultra-short, can be a real salvation for Mature women. After forty years of hair naturally thin, due to hormonal changes can disappear. Very short hairstyles for women elegant age is the best solution, especially if you already have Sedin that can be as paint and leave, keeping the head of a well-groomed.

очень короткие стрижкиVery short haircuts with bangs are suitable both young girls and Mature women, but only if the person, quite accurate. The bangs can be as down on the forehead, raise it with one hand a small amount of styling product, lay along the lines of the forehead, if there is a need to create a romantic image.

Creative very short haircuts suit girls creative professions and those who are in the power of a belief belongs to this or that youth stream. This may be emo style with a long plait bangs covering the eyes, punk style with stylish wavy Mohawk and shaven hair, very short female haircuts caret that can be asymmetric with frontal zone, as well as a very short haircut back view of worry for their extremes. This can be as fully shaven the neck, and decorated according to the type of carving.


Laying very short haircuts

очень короткие стрижкиVery short haircuts for girls are not an obstacle for carrying hair accessories, which you should choose a bit more carefully, without overloading of the image. If you want to use sticky стайлинговыми means you will Hoop, a small hairpin with a graceful bow, rhinestones, metal invisible for minimalistic image. Very trendy short hairstyles better leave without accessories because they are self-contained, requiring only a little Moussa or lipstick to give texture and shape retention.

Modern and chic, very short haircuts, pictures of which you can always look through the Internet-catalogues or glossy magazines, almost always require a styling products. If you have chosen the style short hair, without a minimum set of styling you can not do. Sometimes quite a pair пшиков varnish easy fixation, in some cases, will need a strong, but flexible styling that can be realized with the help of wax, lipsticks, тягучих текстурайзеров.

очень короткие стрижкиHow to install a very short haircut every day? For this you need a soft mousse without alcohol, which should apply to wet hair and dry them Hairdryer, air moderately hot temperature. When drying need to actively work fingers, lifting the hair roots. Sometimes you can spend without the means to begin laying after full drying. If you want to create a complex with stylish forms that often need to go out, to give volume, dynamics and radiance блондированным hair, you can use a hard or soft wax. You should heat it to the palm, typing in the fingers, working through them almost the entire length of the hair, fixing the tips in the right direction.

If you wear short hair and long bangs, it may need curlers big diameter, iron for pulling with the ability to change a flat smooth nozzle on the corrugated. Dry hair dryer long bangs need, spinning her брашингом in the direction from the face, gently tucking her along the lines of the forehead or locking, pulling at the roots.

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