Recently more and more popular among consumers is a product like venison. Meat is quite gentle, different kind, but with a very pleasant taste, and most importantly – clean in comparison to others.

Residents of megapolises and large cities are practically deprived of clean air to breathe due to emissions from vehicles and industrial enterprises. And if that circumstance fight is impossible, the food choices we make ourselves. So you should give preference to natural food, which was not exposed to industrial processing.

Ценность олениныFans of red meat should pay attention to the reindeer. This product is in its biological value than other goods belonging to the group. The most reliable evidence for the use of reindeer meat is good health of residents of the North, for which this product has always been the basis of the diet.

As grown deer?

Of course, today venison is not extracted hunting, as in former times. But domesticated animals are kept in the open pasture and not on farms. Reindeer herding is in ecologically clean areas, animal diet is composed of natural food – grass, twigs, reindeer moss. Thanks полувольным conditions of the animals, conserve their natural way of life, so their meat is ecologically safe.

What are the benefits of eating venison?

Польза оленины для организма человекаAnimal products are necessary for a person to obtain protein. This substance is a special building material for the cells, so the protein is required at any age. Kids sufficient amount of protein needed for growth, and for the adults – to maintain a balance in the body and energy production.

Now, venison is a champion of the content of protein among all the varieties of red meat, it contains not less than 20 grams of this valuable substance in 100 grams of the product.

In addition, the reindeer many other valuable substances – vitamins, antioxidants, minerals. But the fat and harmful to the vessels of cholesterol in it, almost none.

Therefore buy venison we can recommend anyone. Dishes from the meat will be useful for young children and adolescents, because they are more in need of protein products. Adults, including the elderly, the use of lean reindeer will be no less useful, as it will allow to reduce the consumption of animal fats.

Containing this product antioxidants help to renew the cells and act as a rejuvenator. In addition, the presence of sufficient food antioxidants is a reliable protection against the development of cancer.

How to cook venison?

Приготовление оленины. РецептыMany are hesitant to buy reindeer, as they do not know how to cook from her delicious food. Indeed, the product is quite lean and at the inept cooking can be a bit dry.

To avoid culinary failure, you need to choose the right portion of the carcass and skillfully prepare. To the meat was tough, prepared pieces should be kept in a marinade for a few hours. For baking, grilling, frying is to choose the most delicate parts of the carcass – brisket or tenderloin. When baking, meat frequently pour marinade or fat, good venison cooked in foil.

Ham and other parts of the carcass is better to use for cooking stews, soups and fillings. Reindeer meat is perfectly combined with a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and berries.

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