Sand nail – latest material that allows you to make very unusual floor. Currently, the technology for deposition of sand on the nail plate taught masters all the most fashionable and expensive beauty salons.

Currently, the cosmetics industry offers a variety of services, including nail sand. The building is a complicated process. In addition, women prefer to wear pretty nails short length. Therefore, not every resolved to increase the nail plate, but to experiment with coating love, that’s all.

Recently enormous popularity of varnish-sand Polish, or liquid sand for nails. This kind of coverage is gaining an increasing number of fans. It looks very modern and has a number of incontestable advantages. It should be noted, that now in the market of cosmetic products appeared several varieties of «sand».

Such varnish is sold in specialized shops. In the market can meet and liquid coating c major inclusions and bulk material in boxes. The most popular is the bulk material, as it allows manicure more efficiently. Many women are interested in how to put sand on the nail. Masters of manicure assure that to use this product quite difficult. It is therefore better to come to the salon and trust in the professional, rather than trying to do a manicure yourself.

The start of manicure using velvet sand no different from the standard. Master immerses the hands of the client in a special tray, then pulls out each finger and cut the cuticle. After the cuticle will be processed, master подпиливать nails, it creates shapes in them. You can then make a light massage of hands with cream, then degrease nails, preparing them for the varnish, and begin coating.

If nails client is not perfect, the wizard may ask her to increase the nail acrylic or gel. More often use gels, as it causes less damage to the nail. In order to begin to build, it is necessary to cut the top layer of nail plate, process it and then very gently on her modeling material. After the gel hardens, it must be recorded under the ultraviolet lamp, and then to give the nail shape. In fact, the procedure of capacity rather complicated and there are a lot of tricks. Currently the designers use in their work methods nail extensions. Popular technology «liquid tips». At the same time to nail put special molds – tips, fill them in modeling material, and then fix them under the lamp, remove reusable trays, and further work with the nail plates.

Artificial nails is much stronger than natural. They look very smooth and thick. Currently, no longer fashionable to increase long nails, much more topical small capacity, which only improves the form of the nail plate. In addition, on the artificial nails much longer keeps lacquer. Floor «velvet sand» can be applied both on natural and artificial nails. For this it is necessary to deprive of the nails and put on them the gel nail. Better to use special varnish which is ideally combined with the velvet covering. This product can be purchased in a store of professional cosmetics.

If there is any doubt about the compatibility of paint and the top cover, you can ask the sellers. As a rule, they are well-acquainted with the assortment of their products. Often people choose the gel nail white or neutral tint. In manicure main accent should become velvet floor, not the varnish. But there are cases when necessary and bright lacquer. For example, if the master decides to make a very bright and contrast floor. In this case, the lacquer can be bright, and the «sand» is neutral. Or you can find these products so that they perfectly complement each other. Currently fashionable manicure, which used several colors «sand». The particles of different shades can be present on a single nail or different.

For application velvet coverings on the nail is not necessary to wait for the paint to dry. You must open the box with the cover and carefully sprinkle each nail plate of fine particles. The ideal variant is when the velvet sand is almost completely cover plate. But in some cases, the master can put it more transparent layer. After the «sand» will be put on the nail, you must wait a few minutes until the coating is completely cured. Contrary to popular belief, velvet floor is very comfortable to wear. It is especially important in winter and autumn seasons. The velvet manicure there is a considerable disadvantage – it is quite difficult to remove from the nails. However, this applies to any floor with sequins. If you clear lacquer a «sand» in the cabin, a specialist to quickly cope with this task, and then decide for yourself which manicure he likes : classical, or with velvet sand.

Velvet sand on the nail looks very stylishly and modern. On such a refined manicure solved only the most courageous women of fashion, who love to experiment with their own appearance.


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