Ванесса Мэй выступит на Олимпиаде в Сочи от Таиланда

Thanks to blogger pioqqia-secca we learned that Vanessa Mae not only masterly plays the violin, but also fond of skiing. It became known that the girl will take part in the Sochi Olympics and will be representing team of Thailand. As stated by the source, Vanessa will perform in the discipline of giant slalom.

For many was a surprise that Mei is engaged in skiing from four years old and many times took part in Junior competitions. Violinist in one of the interviews admitted that she always wanted to “become part of the Olympic games. And that’s desire Vanessa fulfilled soon.

Olympic Committee confirmed the participation of girls in the competition. As it turned out, initially Mei wanted to speak from the British team, because she is a citizen of that country. However, low international rating of athletes in the discipline of giant slalom” (only 3166 place) did not allow her to represent the United Kingdom.

But for the team Thailand results Vanessa skiing was enough to take her in his national team. It is reported that at the Olympics violinist will perform under a surname of the father.

We wish Mei good luck on the upcoming competition.

ванесса мэй выступит на олимпиаде
Vanessa Mae will perform at the Olympics in Sochi

ванесса мэй
Vanessa Mae

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