The older women, the wrong position of the genitals is quite common, mainly in the form of uterine prolapse of various degrees of severity. First fall of the walls of the vagina. Mild is observed only during exercise. With the progression of the disease; the walls of the vagina protrude from the genital slit, and the woman, holding hygienic measures, she says this pathology. Gradually, after the vagina, the uterus descends first to the entrance to the vagina, then slightly visible outside the genital slit. In situations where it is fully defined like a hernia outside of the genital slit, so that the uterus is completely fell.

To the violation of the normal position of the genital organs results in the poverty of the muscles of the pelvic bottom (open or lowering the tone), the weakening of the tone and elasticity of ligaments that support the uterus in the normal position, the increased intra-abdominal pressure. Predispose to these changes, pregnancies, childbirth large fruit, operative deliveries, and early heavy physical labor, chronic constipation with a habit for a long time to push, chronic diseases (bronchitis, frequent cough).

When a small prolapse of the vaginal walls, complaint in women may not be. In the case of disease progression appear a feeling of heaviness, dragging pain in the lower abdomen, sacrum, lower back. Uncomfortable sensations during a long stay in an upright position, in the evening, and after bed rest disappear.

Prolapse of the genital organs leads to a violation of the provisions of the neighboring organs bladder rectum, bladder, which are also lowered together with the walls of the vagina. Therefore, women begin to notice frequent urination in small portions, the disappearance of a sense that the bladder is not emptied, constipation, incontinence gas incontinence straining. Some women underestimate the first symptoms of the disease and appeal to the gynecologist late, when there is a complete uterine prolapse when surgical treatment is necessary. This method of treatment is shown and a significant prolapse of the vaginal walls.

Prevention of the disease includes active way of life, restriction to sedentary work, the regulation of stool to avoid constipation, physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles of the perineum, regular water procedures, including ascending shower. If the operation the woman is contraindicated for health reasons (disease of other organs and systems, old age), use a special supporting vaginal ring (pessary), which is inserted into the vagina in conditions of female consultation and change periodically with the simultaneous treatment of the vagina. The woman at the presence of the pessary into the vagina should regularly douche decoction of herbs.

To pelvic floor muscles become stronger, will help her in this special set of exercises with which the woman can present the physiotherapist in the clinic.

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