Not many people know what happen manicure and pedicure. But the fashion for them to acquire their peak. The techniques of classical and hardware manicure and pedicure, you can read this article.

All people are individuals. For someone manicure is a common thing, and for someone it is not acceptable. There are people who go to the master of every week, and there are those for whom visit the salon is possible only on holidays.

Manicure translates as treatment for hands. And, first of all, manicure is exactly hand hygiene, treatment of problem areas and giving hands of well-groomed appearance. For each situation requires its own kind of treatment. Therefore it is important to know what are the manicure and pedicure. The first kind of treatment of the hands and feet can be called a medical. This kind of by a specially trained professional – doctor-подолог. The doctor specializes in the problems associated with nails and skin of the feet. Подологи is something between a dermatologist, a surgeon and a specialist on pedicure. Its main function is to address violations of the problems with his feet, nails and skin. Cracks treatment, different kinds of corns, treatment of this problem, ingrown nails – all this will help the doctor-подолог. Also, these specialists are engaged in the creation of implants when you remove the nail that allows the new nail grow correct, accurate and beautiful. Do not be afraid of these doctors. They always know their job. Their office is identical to the Cabinet of specialist pedicure. But the competence of him much more. In Russia such specialists is very small, rarely meet the doctor-podological, especially in social health centers of the city. Another type of manicure and pedicure can be called hygienic. In its basis : the destruction of lung problems with nails and okolonogteva skin. High competence in these procedures have a manicure and pedicure.

Hygienic manicure and pedicure is a standard technology. First of all, treatment of cuticles – possibly as its removal (cuticle is cut off by a special device), and simply push the cuticle to the edge of the nail. Further processing is carried out only nail fold. Nail wall is a skin on the sides of the fingers. The next step is to nail reshaping. Now the form can be varied classic oval, rectangular, something average between the oval and square, and, also, extravagant stilettos, which are very fashionable now. Stilettos is nails, the shape of which resembles the claw – wide at the base and sharp at the end of the nail. Next comes the nail polishing, to give a smooth and silky. Additional procedures hygienic manicure can also be called the sealing nail and paraffinotherapy.

Sealing – treatment for nail. It is useful for people suffering from various problems connected with nails. The procedure includes rubbing various nourishing creams with special particles of minerals, and also with vitamins and protein. After careful rubbing such creams, superimposed on top special oil, which gives your nails healthy Shine. After this procedure, the nails are saturated with vitamins, are protected in the form of oil. Thus, after the procedure there is no need to impose lacquer.

Paraffin is also very useful. They can do for hands and feet. For procedures you need a special bathtub, supporting temperature. It is filled with a special wax. It may be normal, as well as with any additives. Then processed leather and nails special oils with vitamins, then the treated area of the fingers is lowered into the paraffin. After a certain period of time hands are extracted from the masses, they put special перчаточки or socks, and in this form are to cool down the paraffin. Next wax is removed. Thanks to this procedure, vitamins are very well absorbed into the skin and nails, moisturizing and saturating.

Also, from the hygienic there are other types of manicure and pedicure. This classical, European and manicure and pedicure. Another type of manicure and pedicure may be called a new kind of Spa маникюр.Классический manicure – manicure, where the process of nails is done manually.

All pluses and minuses are based on how to remove the cuticle. Way is to cut. On the one hand, this method is only possible when running nails, but that everything is perfect, just walk to the specialist. Otherwise there may be injuries and burrs.

European manicure differs from the classical to the fact that the basis for removal of cuticles is snuggling her to the edge of the nail, but not of the circumcision. This is a more secure way to nail treatment, but it is effective. If the skin cuticles too rough), this procedure will lead to nothing. European manicure is made by a certain method, first in the cuticle skin is covered with a special oil which softens it, then special spatula cuticle is separated from the nail and press down to the skin.

Manicure and pedicure is a more popular method of processing. 21st century is the century of new technologies. Also, specialists in manicure and pedicure not spared innovation in technology. The procedure with the help of the staff is quite faster, and, in some cases, a much higher quality than the classic. But it is important to know that the master-processing hardware nails, must be an expert in their field not less than classical. Otherwise it can cause personal injury and even burns.

The opinion of the experts was divided: some were strong supporters of conservatism and, accordingly, the classic manicure, while others have moved to new ways of processing.

Spa-manicure and pedicure is not a specific technology. It is based not only treatment of nails, but total relaxation: hand massage, various relaxing music and rest for a few hours.

The choice of a certain type depends on the customer. That he likes. You can make a fast and quite new manicure and pedicure, and you can stop and classic.

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