типы плоекModern curlers have much in common with tongs and styling tools through which the stars of old Hollywood created on the head of classical waves. Although these waves looked beautiful, and today still generate similar hairstyles vintage hot laying forceps in those days was accomplished by using primitive technologies, and literally burned hair. Today on the market types плоек are many and varied, so that the consumer can choose appropriate Curling at a reasonable price, depending on their needs and budget.

Curling is the warming tool for hair styling, which creates waves or curls. Part of Curling, which directly curl hair is the warming rod, at which you turn your hair in order to give it the desired shape. Curling can create a loose waves, springy curls or spiral curls, depending on Curling what type you use. The thinner the rod Curling, the more dense the curl. To obtain tailored spiral curls, you need to use spiral Curling. She has special grooves along the entire length of heating up the cylinder.

Varieties плоек

Curling classified not only on the type of curls that they create, but also by the material that covers the surface of curlers. Chrome-plated or coated with metal rods produce positive ions, which contribute to the fact that the hair shaft is open, that spoils and dries hair. For this reason, chrome Curling – cheapest. Curling of this type is recommended only for those who rarely use нагревающимися tools for hair styling.

  • Curling gold or titanium coated little better chrome as they heat more evenly, and better conduct heat, reducing the time required for Curling hair.
  • Curling Teflon coated, unlike chrome плоек and плоек with gold-coating, have a mechanism that protects the hair. Teflon prevent Curling burnt hair. However, the coverage may eventually wear off, offsetting the positive effect of such curlers.
  • Curling irons with ceramic and турмалиновым coating get very good reviews from both users and from stylists, because they allow to preserve the health of the hair. They give negative ions, which repel the positive charge of the hair shaft, causing the hair becomes softer.

Characteristics of Curling

Regardless of the material of the tool, the usual Curling looks like a wand. It has a handle, which allows you to manipulate Curling, even when the rod is heated. Some Curling irons are available with different attachments that can be changed. One of the possible nozzles – helical rod with a thread, a diameter of 1, 8 to 2.5 centimeters. Normal smooth rod allows you to create curls or waves of different sizes. As a rule, Curling irons have a diameter of 1.25 to 5 centimeters, while the stores are the curlers and a larger diameter, for those who prefer a larger curls. The clip that secures the hair or is irons for hair straightening is also a standard nozzle that can be used with this tool. Choosing the Curling irons, look for one that has a temperature controller, so you can control the degree of heating.

Cheaper models allow you to install only the «high» or «low» temperatures, as a model for better quality allow you to choose the temperature you need. It enables to set a higher temperature if you have a stiff hair, which are not easy to curl, or lower the temperature, if you are thin, sensitive to heat the hair. Such models allow you to set the temperature of the heating from 50 to 200 degrees.


Regardless of what type of curlers you use, do not risk the health of their hair. Before using any Curling, Curling or rectification hair iron, hair prepare Curling, causing the lotion for stacking or термозащитную serum. You should also take into account the condition of your hair before you apply нагревающиеся tools for installation. If you dyed or permed hair, think twice before using these tools, or at least use them infrequently. If you have decided to use a Curling daily, buy Curling irons with ceramic or турмалиновым coating. They may be expensive, but your hair will be more healthy and beautiful.

Warnings and tips

Styling products that you treat your hair, will be accumulated on плойке, unless you purchase a habit to clean it after each use. Any Deposit leads to undesirable results, because the heat to pass through this plaque before it gets to your hair. When you are finished with the Curling, turn it off and unplug it from the network. Let плойке cool off for a few minutes, and check that it was a little warm but not too hot. Be careful using Curling, not to get burned.

A damp paper towel to remove plaque from the cylinder curlers. If Curling is at room temperature, it will effortlessly clean it of any styling products, remaining on it. If плойке present long accumulated or трудноудаляемый plaque, you will need to clean it, causing the wool medical alcohol or liquid removers. Any of these substances carefully remove plaque from hairspray or serum. When you’re finished, again wipe Curling with a damp paper towel to remove remaining solvent.

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