Wedding anniversary, honeymoon, Valentine’s Day or just a weekend… Regardless of the reason, this time must be special for two. The ideal option would be a change of scenery — for example, a trip to the Carpathians. In the mountains you can arrange for yourself and your spouse a truly romantic holiday. Here are a few original ideas.

1. Meeting on the Island of Love

This curious place is situated in Ivano-Frankivsk — here you can make a stop on the way to the resort. The island is unusual in their shapes, the shape really resembles a heart. In 2014, the city government has renovated the area, making it more conducive to romance. Now there are trees, running soft lighting, and on either side of the bulk of the tracks are cozy benches. On the island you can admit to each other their feelings and make one wish for two. And then to go further in the way to settle in pre-booked accommodation in the Carpathian mountains.

2. To throw a coin into the waterfall Shypit

One of the most magical places in the Carpathians — 14-foot waterfall Shypit in Mizhgirya district. The legend says that the water noise you can hear the whispers of lovers Ivanka and Mari. They destroyed misalliance — he was poor, and she from a rich family. Hearts mother of Mari cursed both of them and washed away a torrent while Dating on the hillside.

If the lovers are thrown into the spikes on the silver coin, it will protect their senses from evil spirits and the evil eye. And Golden penny will accelerate a happy wedding.

3. Healing SPA

Who said aromatic baths — especially for women? In a thermal pool with mineral water with a fun dive, even the most brutal man. Take the opportunity to swim together with your partner.

Unusual favor in several places, but the most popular baths in the village Rushmore. The process takes place on the outdoor terrace with views of the forest. The water temperature in the tank is maintained with a divorced down the fire.

4. Horse ride

Here are possible options depending on the time of year. So, in winter the lovers propose to take a ride on the Carpathian forest on a sled. And in the summer you can horseback riding, in a wagon of fresh hay, and even in a makeshift carriage.

5. Two in the air

Where else to kiss, how not on a chair lift! Two of the longest roads that run throughout the year are:

  • the resort Pylypets (the lift to the mountain Gemba), the length of the road — 1650 m;
  • in the village of Izki (the ski lift MAGURA), path length — 980 m.

On average, the cable car ride lasts about 15 minutes. All this time you will be alone with each other and with stunning mountain landscapes.

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