Not everyone knows how to soar feet with sea salt. But before that you need to deal with the daily care of your feet, because it is the most important thing that you ought to know the woman.

The first rule to every day mother feet in warm water, preferably with toilet soap.

Rule two – legs useful rinse with cool water, it improves circulation.

Rule three – skin of the feet must be sure to wipe the rough towel direction must be from the tips of fingers.

Rule four – dry skin of the feet necessarily should be lubricated with a special cream. But you also need to leg and foot after bathing to humidify a cream or lotion. Knees are also in need of care every day. To soften calluses before bedtime to lubricate their special nourishing cream.

Rule five – when a man takes a shower, you must RUB pumice those places where the skin is slightly compacted. You need to take намыленную brush and RUB her legs, making a movement upward. If on the heels dry skin, then it is necessary to grease cream.

Rule six – after taking a bath should be once in two-three weeks rasp and cutting one’s nails.

Rule seven – you need to change tights or socks every day.

Rule eighth – be sure to use talcum powder or powder foot, this is done in order to absorb the skin between his fingers.

Rule ninth very useful to walk barefoot on the cool floor.

Rule tenth – you must select a pair of comfortable shoes that fit well.

Rule eleventh – it is not too often wear high-heeled shoes.

Rule twelfth if the feet start to hurt, you urgently need to contact a doctor for help.

Everyone agree that the feet need special care, about the same as for his own hands. All day on your feet exposed a big load. If long walk and stand, in the legs can sometimes be some pain. To avoid the pain in their legs must wear comfortable shoes that will not embarrass the foot, as well as every day to change socks or tights. Purity and health of the feet depends entirely on attention. You just need to wash feet, help with sea salt foot – bath.

To start hardening of the feet, use of this type of baths, like sea salt for feet, because they improve blood circulation and serves blood flow to the feet. You must take two pelvis and put them side by side. In one pelvis need to pour some hot water, about 40-45 degrees, in the second – on the contrary, cold water, 20 degrees. Then you need to sit down on a chair and lower back legs for about 20 seconds in a basin of hot water. Then the same in the basin of cold water. It is necessary to repeat 8-10 times, but definitely need to complete cold water. Sea salt, use it very much.

Actually any time of the year, winter or summer, legs get tired and live them very difficult. People change shoes in various sandals, high heels, boots, sneakers and always somewhere in a hurry. When a man comes home, he visits only one thought, how can relax and rest your legs?

Many are asking the question, why is sea salt instead of regular? The answer is simple, because it contains a lot of useful minerals, its composition is still not figured out even the most experienced scientists. Sea salt, thanks to its curative properties are widely used in medicine. It is now in use in various spheres. Because of its effect can be seen almost immediately. Sea salt for nail suitable not only for the legs, and it is used to improve well-being.

Sea salt for feet helps relieve fatigue, reduce skin irritation, inflammation, improve blood circulation, reduce the secretion of sweat, protect blood vessels, prevent the appearance of edema. They have many useful substances of salt, but I want to add the following: it helps to get rid of bad smell, because it gives a deodorizing effect. After the salt used for this type of skin is very soft and with a foot, you can remove calluses.

Some ask the question about whether we can make a bath with sea salt to children and at what age to begin. Children can keep your feet salt from the very young age, about a year and a half.

Baby doctors advise parents to do this procedure twice, in the morning and, respectively, in the evening. Doctors explain favor of salt that relaxes the body of the child, and he gets quieter; salt pulls toxins from the body.

Neuropathologists argue that salt helps to strengthen the legs of the child. And all the matter is that it is through the human body are useful substances and strengthen the muscles and bones. Especially popular is the time, only when the baby begins to walk.

And here is how to do it right foot baths. Sea salt dissolve in hot water, and a little later add cold, not to burn yourself about it. The legs need to keep the ankle, about 10-15 minutes. When the procedure is complete, you must wash away the remaining salt and wipe out dry. Then apply the legs emollient cream.

This procedure must be repeated as many times as you want. But best of all no more than two times in a day. Neurologists advise: if the water is colder, it gives a person to gather, and if warmer, it gives to relax quickly.


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