обрезной педикюр щипчиками фотоOne of the hallmarks of a well-groomed woman is a nice pedicure. Many focus more on arms than the feet, which is a mistake. Although, for example, cut pedicure (classical) is what can be done not only in the cabin, but also independently.

Trim pedicure at home

It is important to remember that the key to the beauty of your legs is a regular care of them. Trim pedicure better to do about once every 14 days. This concerns just remove the cuticle. Rasp nails need as needed – as well as use pumice. Moisturize the skin on the feet should be daily or every other day.

обрезной педикюр пилочка фото

Making the cut pedicure independently, the woman should remember about security. Cuticle and skin near nails is made with the help of scissors with rounded edges or with the use of special tweezers. This makes the skin for a while vulnerable, which in the blood can get infected, and minor inflammation is the smallest of the bad things that may result from this happen. Therefore, it is important to keep a certain technology.

In the network there are video tutorials that you can bring your feet up in your home. Valuable tips are usually professionals right in the cabin – and only such information can be trusted.

Technology of making classic trim pedicure

It is important to treat all the tools with which you will make the cut pedicure: scissors, nail, special spatula, tweezers and so on.

First, you should thoroughly wash his feet, using liquid soap, and then put them in a dish for 20 minutes. In the water you can add all the same soap, a few drops of any essential oil, soda, salt – in General, any component on your taste.

обрезной педикюр против натоптышей фото

Next, take the rough pumice and with its help remove dead skin particles of heels. Terminate the process using a soft tufa. She also treat the foot. Slightly wash your feet and sostrigite nails. It is important to remember that the line of nail must be direct and edges only slightly rounded with a nail file. This is necessary in order to avoid incarceration. If necessary, grind the surface of the nail.

The next step is accurate removal of the skin around the nail. To do this, use clippers or scissors – just do not forget about accuracy, cut the skin gradually, in several steps. After that, remove the cuticle with the help of orange stick and several approaches remove it.

обрезной педикюр распорки фото

Finally, place your feet in the tub again, but now in 5 minutes. Then moisten the cuticle special butter foot cream. That’s all! If desired cover the nails are polished.

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