модные прически для длинных волосFashion capricious and changeable, every season she hurries with their fresh proposals, after six months of canceling them and offering the following. This applies both to the clothes and accessories and hairstyles that are updated with each new season. And while some believe that long hair and fashion combines doesn’t matter, and that the leadership bobbed hair, other successfully adapt for themselves quirky, original trendy hairstyles for long hair.

The most fashionable hairstyles for long hair in 2013

Clothing trends always carry trends in hairstyles, and this is not surprising. Dress sixties style perfectly combined with whipped the top, начесами, bulky, «бабеттами», characteristic of the era. Smooth «хохолки» and букли of the forties came after the fashion to dress in a small flower with отложными rounded collar «Claudine» and coats with fur collars. Trendy hairstyles for long hair in 2013 combines retro influences with modern search of stylists who try to create a more harmonious adapt retro under the new Millennium with its dynamics and rhythm.

Luxury forties

Hairstyle forties created for those, who is looking for a sleek hairstyle, which combines and smoothness, but given кудрям, beautiful feminine waves, falling over her shoulders. Style like this was in a fashion show Douglas Hannant.

Raised the forehead and temples hair and curls over her shoulders in perfect harmony with red lipstick in the style of the era. Take into service this hairstyle as an evening option, if you have narrow or oval face, and long or полудлинные blond hair with a Golden glow. Be careful, if the hair is platinum, are Sunny, but a flat tone. This hairstyle can look vulgar.

Oblique middle and wet

Long hair easily lay playing with the direction of the parting. In 2013 stylists spiced their hair models in fashion pret-a-porter a fair amount of gel for wet effect. Slanting Bang and short side parted as in fashion shows Giambattista Valli make long, loosely lying hair stylish hairdo, which is suitable for day and evening.

Be careful with this hairstyle, if you have a wide round or square face. Do bangs diagonal, covering her forehead.

модные прически для длинных волос Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli

модные прически для длинных волос Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

модные прически для длинных волос RUFFIAN


Sleek tail with the effect of wet hair

Use generous amounts of gel, which makes hair defiantly wet – trend 2013. It can be applied not only on the beach, but in the evening of the image when you create a smooth beam or pony tail. In the fashion show spring-summer 2013 Christopher Kane were demonstrated simple smooth low horse-tails, which is unbounced long hair and perfectly integrated in everyday business and sophistication.

Forties: new version

In the previous example was considered a classic hairstyle in the style of the forties. But in order to meet the trends of the era, you are not required to construct a fully authentic hairstyle. You can raise the area of the forehead, but leave the rest of the hair straight, without Curling them, as was shown by the Ruffian.

This style combines rock-chic, it is created on dark hair and looks very fashionable. Unlike classics forties, this hairstyle can easily be worn with leather косухой.

High tail

Smooth high pony tail is still fashionable hairstyle, which is perfectly highlights the beauty and radiance of the long, dark hair. This once again shows the defile Jason Wu, where the simplicity and simplicity of this hairstyles were somewhat diluted the original barrette with patent Shine.

Of course, for wearing such hairstyles not always enough to have beautiful long hair. Need the perfect face shape and flawless skin, which is completely open for review.

Spit on the forehead

Even the most simple for weaving spit can look fresh and extravagant, if you change its direction, as proposed by the house Emerson. To perform this hairstyles there is nothing special – just weave braid from the middle of the head and pull it forward, embracing her forehead type tiaras or tape in the style of the twenties.

This bold haircut for long hair attracts the attention of the eyes, and if you would like to repeat it again, try to highlight beautiful them.

Harness around your head

Around the head now build not only spit, but more than simple Assembly. They can be natural, of their own hair and the patch. Harness the role of the tiara may be one, but if they are small they may be, and two, and three. In the show, Fendi there were two of them, they were decorated with smooth hairstyle parting, going into a textured tail of the many flagella. In real life tail can be usual, is permissible classic go жгутовый beam and even freely lying hair.

Echoes From The Middle Ages

Harnesses can be not only as expressive and daring, but also very feminine, as is shown by the Jenny Packham. Direct loose hair is twisted to the side with one hand, уводятся to the other side and are fixed by pins. This style will appeal to owners of long hair far from the modern podium extravagance and looking for something more romantic.

модные прически для длинных волос JENNY PACKHAM


модные прически для длинных волос Kimberly-Ovitz


модные прически для длинных волос Blugirl


Twisted story

Long hair become a perfect base for chaotic swirl of hair styling, under the force of a professionals only. But if you try, you can create something similar with their hands, and even if it doesn’t work, say that it has been conceived – it similar hairstyles, it seems, and calculated. No symmetry, выверенности, clarity, continuous improvisation strips, cables which are twisted in an incredible song. An example can be seen in fashion shows Kimberly Ovitz.

Family of tape

To create a fashionable updo for long hair not always need to fumble around with it. Sometimes it is enough accessory, for example, as long tape in the spring / summer show Blugirl. The hair on the crown can be начесать or beat up the volume «бабетту», leaving the bulk of lie freely, wrapping around the head silk or satin ribbon is of medium width. This style will appeal to adherents hippie-chic with their love of the dressings and eternal urge to nature and naturalness.

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