Тренды осени: время смелых решений

New is well forgotten old. And trends of autumn only confirm these words. If a few years ago at the peak of popularity were eighties, now in fashion again nineties. The era of rebellion and heavy music is returned. This trend is reflected in everything. But today we will focus on hairstyles and define what to do with the hair to look like this fall stunning.

Hair color

Creative painting is one of the key trends of the season. Welcome all from staining the individual strands of hair for the most careful to several colors for bold experimentation.

If you are not a brunette, now is the best time for this. In fashion all the shades of dark hair – copper overflow, Orekhovo-coffee or even a deep black.



This autumn confirms another truth: “Naturalness is always in fashion!”. It should be noted that natural hair colour is extremely relevant today. Tail beam or just loose hair – whatever option you choose, remember: the most important is fresh, well-groomed appearance of your hair. But the light negligence is not exactly hurt!



Remember rebellious hairstyles from the nineties. They returned. Get into the hands brushing, luck and feel free to do anything. The volume does not happen much, and the more it will be at your head – the better.



Any netting and experiments in the style of Afro only welcome. Individual braids or fanciful patterns all over the surface of the head – in any case you will look very defiant and provocative!



Завивающиеся curls never out of fashion, but in this season became more urgent. Give hair wavy texture or make luxury curls – the choice is yours!


But do not forget about the main thing – autumn begins deficiency of vitamins, the weather worsened and it will certainly affect the health and appearance of your hair. And the most unpleasant stronger hair loss.

To combat this disease, there are many ways. You should start with changing the shampoo and care agents – they might just not working for you? If this does not help, the course is “heavy artillery”, which was used by our mothers and grandmothers.

Try mask of burdock oil – benefit, it is sold in any pharmacy. Mask better apply in the evening, after washing the hair – spreading it throughout the hair, wrap your head with a towel and top lock целофановый package. An hour later, the mask can be washed off.


Another effective method mask with onion juice (smells doubtful, but what a result!). By the way, decoctions and masks from a bow not only to prevent hair loss, but also moisturize them, nourish, and at the same time fight dandruff and accelerate growth. To heighten the effect of the mask, you can add castor oil.


Juice of aloe also perfectly struggling with the problem of hair loss. Specialists in folk medicine recommended to make a compress of the leaves of aloe (his age should not be less than 3 years) twice a day – morning and evening. The scheme is simple: grind leaves, juice moisten a gauze, to fix it on the head with the help of the film, leave for 30 minutes, after – rinse well.


There are other ways to get a beautiful and thick hair. For example, the Density of hair from Inneov also helps to combat the main causes of hair loss and give them the beauty, health and the natural force. Drug acts on the structure of hair and its root, prevents the precipitation and fills its natural vitality.


What a way to fight for beauty and health of hair you choose, it is important to remember that much depends on your internal state, so the main thing is the good mood.

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