Ingrown nail is today one of the most common diseases that are at least once encountered anyone. But in order not to have to delete completely the nail, it is necessary to carefully monitor their health.

Not see the beginning of the ingrown nail is simply not possible, as this is a painful process and the pain will be felt not only during the walk, but even when a person is resting. This process is very painful, as is the beginning of the inflammatory process due to the presence of infection.

The main causes of development of this unpleasant disease is most often severe trauma to the nail plate, due to the fact that people always wears very tight shoes, therefore, the deformation of the nail. Also trigger the development of ingrown toenails may and the presence of fungal infections and of course, hereditary, incorrect structure of a nail plate.

It is important to remember that the ingrown nail treatment must start immediately, that is, when the first unpleasant signs of the disease, otherwise you’ll have to completely remove nail, and this is quite a painful process.

– the first stage is a non-infectious inflammation, at which there is a strong reddening, and edema of soft tissues in the place where began the process of integration;

the second stage is an infectious inflammation, while in inflammation get infection, resulting begin to accumulate pus;

– the third stage is a chronic inflammation, which begins expansion of loose connective tissue, she eventually starts to become much tighter, also there is parallel and deformation of the nail plate, which causes severe attacks of pain.

The first two stages are fairly quickly, literally during two or three days, but the third stage, when directly deformation of the nail plate, can take up to several months, and in some cases this process is stretched on for years. For example, if a person still suffers from diabetes, which has significantly reduced the immune system, can begin the development of gangrene. Therefore, to prevent this, you need to visit a doctor, who may designate surgical treatment of ingrown nail.

Of course, today there are quite many different methods of treatment of ingrown nail, but in spite of this, the greatest popularity continues to laser surgery ingrown nail, because this method is not only possible to solve the problem, but during the procedure the patient will experience a minimum of discomfort.

Removal of ingrown nail with a laser on an outpatient basis, while the patient is under local anesthesia. Surgeon, using a special laser, very gently removes only those parts of the soft tissues and nail that during the development of the inflammatory process have changed and need to be uninstalled completely.

The damaged nail plate прижигается laser exclusively in the place of the ingrown nail into the soft tissue. Surgical laser does not affect the healthy part of the nail and the skin.

This surgical laser equipped with special settings, due to which it can use in a variety of operations. During the removal of ingrown nail himself surgeon holds the configuration of the laser, and the obligatory will take into account the individual characteristics of each patient.

This is a major opportunity minimal trauma of a foot of the patient. Also surgical laser has several advantages – it helps to completely kill the infection at the site of inflammation, so it will not be further distributed. Also, the laser during the operation sealed damaged blood vessels, resulting prevents the possibility of the beginning of bleeding during and after surgery and its completion.

To understand how the removal of ingrown nail, video this operation can be easily found online and understand what an during the operation. First of all surgical removal of ingrown nail using a laser, is assigned to those patients who suffer from diabetes. Exactly in such patients is greatly reduced immunity, and they also have a tendency to heavy and quite a long stream of the disease, they also seen increased fragility of the blood vessels. Thanks to laser removal of ingrown nail, significantly reduces the risk of gangrene.

After completion of the operation, the patient is allowed to go home, and the doctor must come after three days. During these three days, the patient should self myself to make the dressing, and also handle the wound after the operation a solution of peroxide of hydrogen of three percent, also need to put a special antiseptics, which must appoint a physician.

The home is permitted not permanently remove the bandage, and thanks to that the wound will heal much faster. About a week later the wound is completely cured and the person can continue to lead a normal life. the main advantage of the laser treatment is that after laser happens relapse.

Thanks to the use of surgical laser, improved several times the quality of the conducted operation, the opportunity to prevent complications. Most importantly, remember that apply to qualified physician after the appearance of the first symptoms, which will prevent surgical intervention.

During the initial stages of the disease can be applied and folk treatment methods that are available to everyone and can be used at home. This allows to avoid removal of the nail surgically.


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