Take care of nails and skin of the hands is the duty of each of the fair sex. There are different means to exercise care, among which one should highlight the essential oils.

Bath, nail oil is a great tool for toning the skin, blood circulation and nutrition and strengthen nails. Recommended once a week to arrange for their nails and skin of the hands here such procedures, which not only look after them, but also represent an important stage in the conduct of manicure.

Essential oil for nails have healing effect, strengthen them, make bright and shiny. So, it is very useful to make a bath with the use of olive oil. For procedures you should select only the cold-pressed oil. To make a dish, you need to take about half of the oil and heat it in a water bath. As soon as it becomes warm, you need to dip your hands into it. Keep them for 15 minutes, then remove and rinse and wipe oil, and give him the opportunity to soak in. For this purpose, you can even wear cotton gloves.

Excellent oil for nail strengthening is sunflower, found in the kitchen each family, but because of problems with the preparation of the bath it was not arise. The procedure is to take the fourth part of the glass with oil and heat it as in the previous recipe in a water bath. Then, to the warm composition add a few drops of iodine, which is also укрепляюще acts on the nails, and 5 drops of vitamin A. as soon As all the ingredients are to be thoroughly mixed, should be kept in a bath hands for 20 minutes.

You can prepare a good dish, using nourishing oil for nails. For this purpose the best fit for the butter. It should warm up and add a few drops of lemon juice.

Great bathtub get from vegetable oil and salt. To prepare it should take about half a glass of oil and heat it in a water bath. Then add salt and carefully stirred in oil. Keep hands for 20 minutes, and after this time take them out and put on cotton gloves. They will need to walk about three hours, and only then rinse with oil and grease the hands and nails cream.

When there is a trouble that can afflict nails, it is important to know what kind of oil for nail better use. So, if stratified nails, become fragile, they should apply the oil of bergamot, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, patchouli, lavender. If the nail plate has become thin and transparent, it will help lemon oil, peace or eucalyptus. But oil of chamomile, sandalwood, tea tree – superb have anti-inflammatory effect.

Any of these oil can be added here in this dish. In a glass of warm water will need to dissolve some sea salt. Then added essential oil, any, depending on what the problems are with nails and all mix thoroughly. Hands and nails to hold in this solution for 20-30 minutes, then rinse off and apply any nutritional or moisturizer. Is suitable for this purpose any hand cream, and better, if it will be dedicated to the nails. You can use a cream or lotion for the body and can even grease the hands and oil.

It is important to use the bath nail using essential oils on a regular basis. If they are only sometimes, from time to time, any positive result observed not have to. It is consistency plays a huge role in the beauty and power of a nail.

Actually there is nothing complicated as in the preparation of the bath, and in its application and use. You can in the evening, sitting in front of the TV put a Cup with a solution for bath and lower there hands. These 20-30 minutes during which the need to make dish will pass unnoticed, but what good will this procedure. Very soon, after the bath will be held regularly, nail will be much healthier, more attractive, more strong and shiny. Such arms are worthy of attention and respect.

Be beautiful and attractive today is very simple. To do this, it doesn’t take too much effort or to produce large costs. As for beauty and care of nails, for them there is nothing better than essential oils, as well as easy butter or sunflower. All efforts will not go to waste, and the award in the form of well-groomed, beautiful and strong nails will be the best proof that create well-groomed appearance is very easy.

Oil, mineral Polish, contribute to their growth, healthy and shining appearance, and also strengthening. It is therefore useful to regularly organize baths for hands and nails with application of different essential oils.


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