We love summer for sun and beach, but our hair has a very uncomfortable. From the salty wind strands become rigid, the tips of split ends, and the water is still and makes the hair dull.

I WANT to made a compilation of tools that are sure you will help restore the health of the hair after the season of summer vacations.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Kerastase Elixir Ultime – powerful hair. In fact, it is a mixture of oils and silicones, which instantly smooth, add Shine, and with prolonged use give softness, elasticity and eliminate the split ends. This elixir can be used as a mask before shampooing, applied on damp hair during the installation, and during the day, to straighten unruly hair.  

The cost – about UAH 354.

Express recovery Schwarzkopf Instaint Repair

This tool is a godsend for fans of professional care. Schwarzkopf Instaint Repair – liquid, which is sold immediately packaging, consisting of ten vials. They will be enough respectively 10 treatments at home or in the cabin. The tool should be applied to clean wet hair, comb, brush and rinse off instantly. Damaged locks immediately become Shine, restores the structure of the hair. It adds strength returns the natural elasticity of the hair.

The cost of approximately 220 UAH.

Alfapraf Recharging Mask

Masks for hair – mast Kev any girl in the bathroom. We stopped on the Italian brand Alfapraf. This mask is valid due to the extract of bamboo in combination with нанокомплексом trace elements, as well as гидролизованными proteins. Tool restores lipid chain within the hair, with each use, making them more smooth, healthy and shiny. The mask is recommended to use 1-2 times per week, leaving the hair for about five minutes.

Cost of about 170 UAH.

C:EHKO Energy Balsam Fluid Plus

Indelible hair care products often save in emergency situations. They instantly give curls a well-groomed appearance, Shine and smoothness. Balsam «Fluid Plus» from the C:EHKO contains a seed oil flax. The tool is also quite economical: just a couple of drops his need to RUB the palms and hold in the hair. Can be used both on wet and dry hair. During the day balm, you can improve your hairstyle, if, for example, wind greatly loosened hair.

The cost – about 175 UAH.

Brelil Bio Traitement Beauty Cristalli Liquidi Easy Shine

«Liquid diamonds from Brelil, only in a lightweight two-phase version, instantly restore hair structure, without weighing them, and not giving a fat skin of the head. Extract semen flax, which is part of, prevent splitting. Oil will save the hair after the beach, but also will become an irreplaceable assistant on the dresser in principle. Particular attention is given to be owners of a thin brittle hair.

Price is about 100 UAH.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo

After the holidays, in order to quickly restore the hair, you should choose a more forgiving and moisturizing shampoos. Professional brand of Paul Mitchell in the line of their funds has shampoo very damaged hair – Super Strong Daily Shampoo, he strengthens and restores the hair after chemical, thermal and natural impacts. Its effect is noticeable after the first application. The shampoo contains a unique complex of Super Strong, deeply penetrates into the hair and restores their structure. Cleans very gently, helping as soon as possible to restore the health of curls.

The cost – about 154 UAH.

Simply Organic Styling Rejuvenating Sealer

Hair spray organic brand Simply Organic smoothes her hair, not aggravates them. Acts very carefully, gently restoring damaged hair cuticle. The product removes hair porosity, facilitates their combing. Recommended for use for those who prefer a daily hot styling. Spray Shine and revitalizes hair.

The cost – about UAH 254.

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