Luxury curls always attracted attention to their owners. Flying and volumetric romantic curls, delicate and small delicate swirls equally charming look.

However, despite all the charm of curls, care for them is quite complicated. Naughty and daring, they can cause a lot of trouble to their owners.

There are a number of rules, through which you can easily subdue your curls. I WANT to tell you what they are.

Rule 1

The curly hair unique structure, because each strand makes a lot of curls. The hair in places of bends of the most vulnerable. In order not to damage the hair, not пересушивай scalp too frequent washing. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type, and in the shampoo apply it gently with only the hair roots. The ends of her hair ополоснутся shampoo, when you rinse.

Rule 2

Not to hurt the curly hair is hot laying. Curly hair more sensitive than direct, and dry and hot air brings them more harm. Be sure to apply heat proofing tools that help prevent damage to the hair while blow-drying, as well as use rejuvenating and moisturizing стайлиногвые funds after it. Try to dry her hair in a natural way at least on the weekends.

Rule 3

Builds on the previous one. It is important to use стайлинговые funds. Namely – to apply them not to wet, and on slightly damp hair. A small amount, approximately the size of a Nickel coin, foam, mousse, or any other means apply to hair starting from the tips and gradually climbing up.

Rule 4

Try to use a diffuser, he sort of best friend and ally, curly hair. This nozzle provides ambient and soft stream of hot air, which does not hurt the hair, and helps them to preserve the natural form of curls. In the end of the drying necessarily switch Hairdryer in cold mode, and after it, not immediately beat strands, and let them cool slightly. 

Rule 5

Carefully and properly brush your hair. Many stylists and professionals hair recommend curly hair comb only after washing (before drying) and, in General, rarely have to touch them during the day. Also choose carefully comb. Brush with a thick bristles распушит hair, making them more naughty. This can be avoided by using a comb with wide few teeth or just combing strands hands.

Rule 6

Even if you have curly hair, choose a haircut for your hair type. Her style will depend on the nature of your hair, and choose its best with an experienced hairdresser-stylist. It will help to structure your curls slightly pacify them. Cascading, soft and multi-layered haircuts fit almost any кудряшкам. Which ones should be removed – so it from thick straight bangs, she looks ridiculous and not in harmony with bold curls.

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