Топ-10 самых запрашиваемых людей в сфере моды по версии Google

Google introduced a new rating of the most requested persons in the field of fashion in the UK for the year 2013. These people determined the development of the fashion industry in 2013.

1.       Kara Дельвинь

Another exciting year for the model: a tattoo in the form of a lion on his finger, a cake in the shape of its head, new advertising campaign, and much more. But the main output in the final show of wedding dresses for fall-winter season from 2013 Chanel that Karu invited couturier Karl Lagerfeld.

кара дельвинь

2. Paul Smith

British fashion designer enjoyed the fruits of success during the opening of the exhibition “hi, my name is Paul Smith”, which recently opened at the London Design Museum.

пол смит

3.       Vivienne Westwood

Despite the fact that in certain circles, most of all appreciate her bright collection of clothes, Vivienne Westwood became this year’s environmental and political activist. So, the fashion designer advocated informant Wikileaks Bradley manning and dedicated to him the whole collection. In addition, Westwood tried to defend the Greenpeace activists with the infamous ship Arctic Sunrise. The most creative action Вьвьен – petition in defence of bees from extinction, directed to the British government.


4.       Victoria Beckham

Designer, singer, mother of four children and spouse David Beckham entered the rating top-100 most influential women in the world. Moreover, she donated about 20 boxes of his кутюрной service to the victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines. And finally, Victoria became the designer of the year according to Harper’s Bazaar.

виктория бекхэм

5.       Kate Moss

Two major events with participation of the British model in 2013 – shooting for the jubilee cover Playboy and honorary award at the British Fashion Awards.

кейт мосс

6.       Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Without a doubt, its participation in the Christmas advertising campaign for Marks&Spencer in the role of Alice from Wonderland” together with Helena Bonham-Carter and David Gandhi drove her top 10 requested people in the world of fashion. For two minutes she appears in underwear twice. Perhaps, this had a decisive role in the choice of Internet users.

рози хантингтон-уайтли

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7. Alexander McQueen

Thanks to the creative Director of the brand Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton, the brand continues to make huge profits even after the death of the founder Lee Alexander McQueen. It was his early collection, exhibited at Somerset House Exhibition, raised a name of designer and name-brand on the top of Google.


8.       Alexa Chung

TV presenter and a socialite girl Alexa Chung this year pleased fashionistas worldwide release his own book called It. In addition, Chang presented a collection of make-up for the brand Eyelure that forced users are actively googling her name.

чанг алекса

9. Vera Wang

Main merits of the designer in 2013 – participation in a new York fashion week and dress in the style of the Christmas tree for Lady Gaga.

вера вонг

10.   Naomi Campbell

Ex girlfriend Vladislav Doronin for the whole year were busy on the set of their own fashion show of The Face. America, France, Canada and Australia, where not only shone model in 2013!

наоми кэмпбелл

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