Aiming to be the best and perfect beauty, a woman uses many exquisite cosmetic products. Among them – lipsticks. Perfect lacquer is a favorite varnish! As well as high-quality, stylish, inexpensive.

The ability to choose the means for nails and use it with a great benefit for its beauty – a true gift. Are based on the knowledge of the properties of high-quality lacquers. Due to certain chemical components, they must have a beautiful glossy color. Elasticity always characterized by applied lacquer film: bright luster, color fastness, nutrition and hydration of the nail plate – basic quality lacquers.

Professional nail enamels fully meet these requirements. They have a wide color palette: fashionable shaded gamma coexists with calm classical tones. Consistency is homogeneous, Sokhnut they nails quickly. This allows the use of lacquer for elements of a fashionable design of the nails.

With the help of a professional varnish is beautiful manicure with hand-painted. The application is easy. Coating dries quickly, retains its original appearance. Professional lacquers contain certain supplements minerals; this creates the nails cover from Mat to gently cream, with the effect of the glamorous lights.

Range of varnishes for the nails, including professional, represented trademarks: Fresh Minerals, SallyHansen, ChristianDior, ChromeShine and others. Products from Fresh Minerals is not harmful to health, fully preserves the perfect manicure. Flabila has released a series of medical nail Polish MollonPRO that contain minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and calcium.

The presence of acrylic-based polymers and substances that destroy the germs, allows you to create a long-lasting finish and protect the nail from the effects of the fungus. All brand of nail Polish are in great demand at connoisseurs of manicure.

Numerous fans of any kind of coating made a rating of nail Polish. The list is topped varnishes from Lancôme, series IsaDora, then go SallyHansen, ChristianDior, Revlon. The list continues the products of Creative and ChromeShine. A large number of responses received varnishes from Kiki and Oriflame. Completes the rating list of products from the Yves Rocher and Le Poli.

Lac Inthearmy» from IsaDora khaki without special Shine and availability of decorative sequins, gives when applying unusual shade of a cold, dark green. Consistency is thick, possibly apply one coat dries quickly, long stays on nails after coating.

Varnishes from SallyHansen are a great gift for the lady, who are the experts in a manicure. A fine combination of persistent shades with elements of porcelain flicker is the best characteristic of coatings from this company. Manicure using tender pastel colors gives a special charm and elegance. They line the surface of the nail, improve its supply of oxygen, do not create divorces coverage. Wide color range of shades.

Constantly updated collection from the company ChristianDior. Fashionable direction varnishes this company provides violet colours: violet-purple hues, replace pink-purple, with reflective sequins. Line with парфюмированными отдушками, without acetone.

The firm Revlon proposed for fashionable manicure improved solution. Each color shade of a varnish — its fragrance. Products of high quality, easily removed from the nail plate.

Finish from Creative today on the crest of popularity among the masters of manicure. With the help of advanced technology forever not solve the question: spoils whether lacquer nails? Professional acrylic varnishes line Solar Nail, deserve the attention of fashionistas, those that have sustainable color, clean, and strengthens the nail bed, resistant to aggressive environments and temperatures.

A well-known firm ChromeShine produces a wide assortment of gel-lacquers. Products of high quality. The coating is formed stable, effective, not collapsing within 28 days.

Available in a wide range of colours. It is composed of natural ingredients: as additives are used minerals and vitamins. You can apply on artificial and natural nails. All the main collection includes elegant and both fascinating colors, suitable for use in any stop.

Nail care and magnificent manicure, will get lucky from Kiki TrendyNails. All products in the structure contains proteins, providing reliable care of the nail plate. Dry quickly after application. Manicure lasts up to 5 days, apply the varnish is easily, smoothly glides on the nail. Provides remarkable effects, due to the presence of glitter.

Lipsticks from Oriflame – simplicity and elegance. With their help it is easy to do a French manicure. Give matte nails, easy to apply. Many of them create excellent coverage, rich in colour. Manicure from Oriflame emphasizes individual women.

Lucky for creating manicure from Yves Rocher is a real gift. They create the perfect manicure. Convenient in application, have a rich color palette. Worthy of attention ultra gloss lacquers, varnish glitter with a smoothing effect. Color – from natural pastels to rich palette will not resist a single fashionistas.

His collection of nail Polish French propose. Thanks to production of Le Poli, nails provides the power for the vitamins, minerals. Color persistent, intense, is convenient in application. Composed of glittering particles with reflective effect. Application of varnishes from Le Poli completely eliminates the stratification and yellowing of the nails, actively care for them.

Products from leading manufacturers is a high – quality varnish. Professional lucky successfully care about the health and magnificent appearance of the nails, creating a unique look with exquisite manicure.


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