Practical every woman owns initial knowledge in the creation of manicure. However, much more interesting not only take care of the nail plates, but to be able to make the build-up of claws.

Of course, for the attainment of the Azov skill you must purchase a professional set for nail or buy the tools individually. What components must be present in the home set for increasing the gel?

First of all, it is disposable, made of paper or reusable, Teflon forms, intended for the simulation. More convenient when working with one hand use Teflon option, because the form is easier fastened on her finger, thanks connected with the wire frame. But, hardcopy easily corrected in accordance with the arch claw simple scissors. The advantage of disposable napkins is the low cost. Teflon form adapted to standard size and is not suitable for nails with wide or narrow bed. Specially for increasing the gel can buy transparent form, well let in the ultraviolet.

You should have special nail tissue that represent pieces of cloth, deprived of the pile. Mostly they are used for removing the varnish. Napkins are quite inexpensive and are more practical and more convenient than the traditional cotton discs.

Definitely need to buy a few brushes and brush to shaking of filing. For example, brushes for gel, made of plastic and have a flat form, should be selected individually, under the nails. The brush should be fairly easy to navigate and perform the work, able to cover the line cuticle and the sides of the nail plate. Also, take into account the quality and stiffness of the pile. The fastening of the bristles to the base should not be viewed expressed seam. Should take care of the cleaning brushes.

Depending on the gel system may need terrestrial not an acidic primer. Acid needed for nail acrylic. It is desirable that the primer and gel were one system.

Tools for nail gel include ultraviolet lamp that is used for hardening of the gel. UV lamp can be sold with the furnishing, performance electric manicure set or separately. Characteristic parameters when selecting lamps are power and its configuration. The higher the power of the tool, the faster hardens gel. The configuration is determined by the simultaneous drying hands. So in the ordinary lamp is placed one hand. In the lamp-tunnel can be simultaneously to dry both handles.

Professional masters, most of all, choose a lamp-tunnels with 4 interchangeable lamps, with the capacity of each 9 W, and temporary timer for 3 minutes.

Blocks and files pick up varying degrees of hardness – гритности. Sawing 80 grit is intended for cutting of the free edge of the accreted nail, and 270 grit for подпиливания natural claw.

The last task, the choice of the gel is the most difficult. In Russia you can buy today, professional materials from renowned producers. But, the quality of the gel does not mean that the material is suitable. The body dictates the conditions. Sometimes, gel rejected because of what is perceived as an alien element. Therefore, the best option you can choose only empirically.

A great role is played by personal preferences. There are single-phase, two-phase and three-phase gel systems. However, it should warn all women, working on the nail, from the purchase of cheap Chinese systems. As a rule, they are highly lose in quality.

Among the necessary tool of the orange sticks to draw the cuticle. It is desirable to buy a tool that allows you to remove the sticky, the hardened layer of gel and degreaser for nails.


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