To buy mattress for your child properly, it is necessary to take into account several important points, such as dimensions of the mattress, the material from which it is made, the degree of rigidity and its orthopedic effect.

Ортопедический эффект матрасаWhat is an orthopedic effect mattress? Quite simply, it is the ability of the mattress provide during sleep baby optimal anatomic position at any position. This parameter is important for babies, which is the formation of the musculoskeletal system. Babies under six months should select hard mattresses. This can be mattresses on a coconut койре, either combination mattresses, and natural latex.

It is not desirable to buy children mattresses made on spring blocks because they have little orthopedic effect. Besides they are because their design is not able to repeat the curves of the body of the baby during sleep.

But if you do choose among spring blocks, prefer rigid and elastic models, high density. And better if it is a mattress with independent unit the model of the mattress can adapt to the baby’s body.

Выбор матраса для ребенкаChoosing a baby mattress review how well executed gap between the cover and springs. It is recommended that it was made of coconut coir, or natural rubber latex. These materials are absolutely hypoallergenic and safe for the child’s body.

As for the size, it should ideally repeat the size baby Cribs. If a mattress is more beds or Vice versa, less any orthopedic effect speak not have to.

Materials should be, firstly, breathing, secondly, hypoallergenic and thirdly, ecologically clean. The top surface of the mattress must be vlagoottalkivayuschim.

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