типсыWith the development of the industry of beauty, in particular, the field of nail design in everyday life of professionals and clients includes a new vocabulary. What tips, know girls who regularly treatment capacity, others do not see the difference, artificial nails, forms for expansion and even the new gel or acrylic plate. And the tips of the time does not stand still. Their simplicity and primitiveness of passing away, giving place to new technologies.


Style at your finger tips

Tip – tip English, so tips are nothing other than an artificial basis, which lengthens the nail, overlaid on top of him. Is there a difference between tips and artificial nails that were favorites for the budget conscious women, but paying attention to their appearance. Modern tips lead their history since antiquity, as women have always tried to lengthen its natural nails.

In ancient Chinese mythology there is a legend about MA-GU, a beautiful young woman who symbolizes the beginning of a new life, happiness, goodness, fertility. MA-GU pictured with long sharp nails, like nails birds, and then they are not seen as a symbol of хищности and aggression, as it is these days. Unnaturally long nails were the embodiment of beauty and power that have adopted Chinese women of later generations, and together with them and women around the world who have joined first of self-gluing, and then to the salon capacity.



Tips should not be confused with forms and artificial nails – the ancestors of modern industry capacity. Artificial or false nails got their widespread in the seventies, but after three decades in the list of salon services ingrained decent and more secure replacement – tips.

The difference between the artificial nail, plastic and типсом that the first one is a full imitation of the nail plate and superimposed on the natural nail completely. He closes the cuticle area, clog nail, becoming for him as a burden. Among other problems the allocated one main: целиковый an artificial nail almost never able to fully replicate the form of a «native». Template standards are not always ready to fully satisfy the individual natural forms.

With tips connection nail better, because the tips cover not more than a half of the nail, carefully and securely attached to stress zone and extending the tip. Tips safer for nail due to their flexibility and willingness to follow the proposed form, with them you can implement various ideas for increasing.


Advantages and disadvantages

Tips is always Foundation, that is, form, nail lengthening, but build with tips can participate in gel and acrylic. They can form the nail plate and without it, but tips are needed if the client has the need to make nails are very long or if the natural shape of her nail is not conducive to build without any basis.

The build-up to the tips lots of advantages. Thanks to the flexible, нетоксичному and податливому material типса securely fastened, repeating the form of the nail. But the shortcomings of classic hard tips too. They should not be used on a wide nail plate, the width of which will only underlined. Not recommended tips and bent down natural nails – the final form may look intimidating. Building on tips requires greater professionalism wizard, otherwise pasted the tip quickly will bounce.


The technology to build on tips

In front of the building tips nail surface is leveled, polished, and then it removes the entire glossy Shine. This is done for the best coupling with artificial tip that is chosen by the master individually and, if necessary, adjusted filing. The contact zone типса glue is applied, then it is pressed to the natural nail plate at a distance of not less than one third of the length of the nail from the edge, but not by more than half. About twenty seconds required to hold the tips pressed against the nail, that it is well stuck. Next, the wizard adjusts the shape evens the contact zone with the help of modeling material, gel or acrylic, after which you can perform a spectacular art, nail design, simply cover the nail varnish or make elegant French manicure.

Convenient and more secure alternative to traditional типсам steel tips liquid. It is the whole technology of building, which is the replacement hard типсам and build on forms. Liquid tips allow more varied manicure (clear, matte, artistic nail art or French), their staging like working with upper forms, but there is a fundamental difference. When building forms is applied to the nails gel or acrylic, which is not always desirable when thin, brittle, unhealthy nails. This coating is a one-time, while liquid tips after picking can be used repeatedly.

Compared with classic of liquid tips there are other advantages, among which and time-saving capacity, and flexibility when building forms and designs, and low toxicity as any adhesive material is not used. Besides, liquid tips appropriate for all forms of nails, which cannot be said about ordinary.

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