тонкие домкие ногтиHands a lot about a woman, they can give occupation, age, as well as tell even about the state of health. Exactly nails especially eloquent in this regard. You must remember that the nails are open, and therefore more exposed to almost all external influences. Today our site Beauty-Hands.ru tells what to do if you have thin nails, and what is the cause brittle and thin nails.

The reasons thin and brittle nails:

  • Brittle and very thin nails can be the result of depression or stress.
  • Also, it could be such a thing as a bad file. Remember that it is best not to use for manicure metal nail, replace it with another, more subtle. Rasp nails should not hurry, in a relaxed atmosphere and very neat.
  • If you have to notice that you have a thin nails, then pay attention to the detergent you use, because they are great aggressors for your nails. Most often detergents contain different chemical substances, they have a detrimental effect on your nails. Therefore it is best to protect your hands during cleaning and washing dishes, cleaning the sink, it is best to do this in the печатках.
  • The condition of the nails can affect thyroid trouble, because such problems have led to a metabolic disorder. So if you have thin nails, it is best to check the thyroid gland.
  • тонкие ногтиDeficiency of any of minerals and vitamins, as well as unhealthy and unbalanced diet can lead to the fact that you will be very thin and brittle nails.
  • Nail very harmful means of removing the varnish, but without them we can not do it. But in this case there is a solution, just try it possible to use these same tools, if necessary, it is best to use products which do not contain acetone, so you can keep your nails.
  • Such a habit as Smoking can also cause you will be thin nails. It is therefore worthwhile to completely quit and your nails will become healthy and strong.

Treatment thin and brittle nails:

  1. The first step on the way to your beauty should be healthy and eating right. This magnificent rule concerns not only your skin, and nails, it is especially important if your nails constantly break down, exfoliate, became very fine and soft. This may indicate that your body is asking for help and tells you that he needs high-quality mineral and vitamin replenishment. You can make such a lack of vitamins, if you eat foods containing a lot of calcium, iodine, and Biotin. Also you can in pharmacy buy special course of vitamins, which is designed to strengthen nails and hair.
  2. If you have thin brittle nails, the help will come to you special honey bath it will make your nails stronger and more healthy looking. In order to prepare such a dish you will need one egg, which should be very beat well, then add the egg to two teaspoons of olive oil, stir, then add one teaspoon of honey, once again mix well. All this composition should be a bit warm in a water bath, but make sure the egg in no case collapses. The tips of his fingers lower in warm mixture and leave for 10 minutes, then remove all traces of a mixture and apply some nourishing cream.

  3. Perfectly copes sea salt, if you have thin brittle nails, but to apply it to within 10 days, but it’s worth it, because after a ten-day course of your nails becoming solid, healthy, and strong. One tablespoon of sea salt should dissolve warm water, grab a pint, this is enough. Fingers should be put into a container and keep about 20 minutes, then nails blot very soft cloth, hand lubricate any fat cream, massage the base of the nail plate.
  4. Such a problem as thin brittle nails can occur in almost any woman, but the site Beauty-Hands.ru advises you to use oil mask to strengthen nails. For this purpose on a water bath warm spoonful of olive oil, then add the lemon juice, quite quite a few drops. This mixture should be applied to nails and massage thoroughly. After that, the hands should wear cotton gloves, compress is best done at night and leave it on all night. On the morning just wash off the mask. Such a procedure is best carried out about 2-3 times a week, for a short time, you will see the result, your nails will become more stable, will not break down and crumble.

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