Sooner or later any girl faced with a thick coat. Surely in this case have to throw out a bottle with a favorite means for the care of nails and acquire new varnish?

Such a situation is really very unpleasant, especially if the shade of a varnish is rare. Thickened tool is not suitable for the care of elegant nails, lies on the nail plate uneven layer. But don’t get rid of the precious bottles only for this reason. Throw out the lacquer must be after the expiry date, and this problem is easily solved. If thickens lacquer than dilute favorite means not to spoil it and prevent damage to the nail plate? Cosmetic producers offer a range of special thinners able to return to a varnish desired concentration.

Today lacquer thinners are always present on the shelves of shops selling cosmetics. Usually, the composition of diluents impose ethyl acetate or butyl acetate. These components allow you to return thickened latex lacquer to its original consistency. Use of tools not give much trouble. In the vial with too thick lacquer should add only 2 – 3 drops of sample diluent and vigorously shake the capacity for even distribution. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes. Remember that adding a large amount of diluent will make varnish too liquid. Its structure will change, and luck will run down the nail plate. By the way, with a diluent can perfectly cleaned with a brush.

Often, girls prefer not to spend a small amount of funding for the purchase of special funds and diluted with varnish using «Babushkin» method, adding the bottle of liquid, which is designed for Polish remover or acetone. This leads to significant damage to the nail plate. Nail Polish remover causes loss of strength and the natural splendor of the claw and the use of acetone dry nail and provoking its fragility.

Sometimes, acetone causes stratification of the varnish right inside the vial. Use of special means does not create such problems, as the diluent is designed for gentle action, safe for consumption. Grandmothers and mothers did not have any special thinners, therefore, had to use acetone. Given a choice, than to dilute nail varnish, should not be resorted to the old ways for another reason – lacquer with admixture of acetone gives decorative paint coating surface roughness, which does not look very carefully.

Thinners are inexpensive and are present in a wide range. You can stock a means for the future, as the term of the goods is long enough. Application of production does not cause the effect of stratification, as well as changes in the shade of a varnish, he does not tarnish. Even if Lak there are sequins, ‘t have to worry about its quality. On the contrary, after the use of a diluent sequins begin to sparkle with new force.

By the way, you can get rid of problems with загустевшим varnish much easier if acquire coloring tool that will not dry out over time. In such varnishes manufacturers place the metal balls. As a result, periodically shaking the vial leads to mixing of products, breaking formed clots, which does not allow him to thicken. Also, do not buy a few varnishes simultaneously. Most likely, part of the funds remain unused, thickens and soon come to throw lacquer past their expiry date. Moreover, many lucky begins to thicken after 1.5 months from the beginning of.

Varnish is thickening due to the evaporation of liquid containing in it and the quality of the product will have no influence on this process. As a rule, the stability of the varnish is designed not more than 4 – 6 months.


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