Нет повода для огорчений: магшот Джастина Бибера

Yesterday it became known that the Justin Bieber arrested in Miami for drunk driving. According to the source, the young man stopped by police when he was driving a rented Lamborghini. According to the police report, the singer was drunk, that was the reason for continued detention.”.

Currently, Justin is situated in the building of the court and awaiting trial. There are new details of the case: there is information that the celebrity driving not only in the condition of alcoholic, but narcotic intoxication. Besides, Bieber resisted detention order, when he ordered him to proceed to the police station.

What will be the final verdict of the court, find out soon, but for now let’s estimate магшоты violator of the law. To collection of images Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bains Accommodation now, we have added a photo of the smiling Bieber.

магшот джастина бибера
Justin Bieber

джастин бибер

приезд джастина бибера в суд вызвал ажиотаж публики
The arrival of Justin Bieber in court has caused a stir public

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