Мировая премьера "Трудно быть богом" прошла в Риме

On the 8-th International film festival in Rome hosted the world premiere of the latest film by Alexei German “Hard to be a God”. All three hours of viewers who watched the events on the screen, and after completion of the session the whole auditorium апплодировал master standing.

Painting “Тудно be God” is charged based on a novel by the Strugatsky brothers. The Director intended her to take off her back in 1968. Production of the film began in 1999 and continued until the master’s death in February 2013 Herman died without putting in a picture of the final point. The work of the great Director to continue his wife and script writer of the film Svetlana Кармалита and son Alexei German Jr. 

On the red carpet of the world premiere of paintings have more than 200 guests, who came to honor the memory of the Director and the first to see the new movie. Honorary guests of the premiere became Minister of culture of Russia, Vladimir Medinsky, musician Yuri Shevchuk with his wife Ekaterina, secular observer Bozhena Рынска, actor and member of the jury of the Rome film festival Alexey Guskov. And, of course, the film crew represented by Svetlana Кармалиты, Alexei German, Jr., who came with his wife Elena, producers Victor Izvekov and Rushan Насибулина, the main hero of the picture, actor Leonid Yarmolnik with his wife Oksana and daughter Alexandra.

The guests were welcomed by the owner of the red carpet and the Rome film festival, Marco Muller, a sampler movies Alena Shumakova and Director of the Foundation “Open world” Elena Romanova.

Golden Marcus Aurelius award for his contribution to cinema, awarded to the film Director Alexei German, handed the family of the Director – Alexey German Jr., and to the widow Svetlana Karmalita, the screenwriter of the movie and its for.

Елена Романова и Владимир Мединский на красной дорожке "Трудно быть богом"
Elena Romanov and Vladimir Medinsky

Юрий Шевчук с супругой Екатериной
Yuri Shevchuk with his wife Ekaterina

Божена Рынска
Bozena Рынска and Evgeny Popov

Михаил Друян на премьере "Трудно быть богом"
Mikhail Druyan

Михаил Друян и Мелани Геррен
Melanie Геррен and Mikhail Druyan

Владимир Кехман
Vladimir Kekhman

Игорь Мишин на красной дорожке
Igor Mishin

Александр Вайнштейн на красной дорожке фильма "Трудно быть богом"
Alexander Vainshtein

Леонид Ярмольник и Светлана Кармалита на премьере картины "Трудно быть богом"
Leonid Yarmolnik and Svetlana Кармалита

Екатерина фон Гечмен-Вальдек на красной дорожке
Ekaterina von Гечмен-Valdek (right)

Анастасия Мельникова на премьере фильма "Трудно быть богом"
Anastasiya Melnikova

Лееонид Ярмольник на премьере "Трудно быть богом" в Риме
Leonid Yarmolnik

Леонид Яромольник и Алексей Гуськов на красной дорожке
Alexey Guskov and Leonid Yarmolnik

Елена Романова на красной дорожке "Трудно быть богом"
Elena Romanova

Светлане Кармалите и Алексею Герману-младшему вручают золотого Марка Аврелия
Svetlana Karmalita and Alexei German Jr. is awarded the prize for the contribution of the head of the family in the cinema

Алексей Герман-младший с золотым Марком Аврелием на премьере фильма его отца в Риме
Alexey Геман Jr., and mother Svetlana Кармалитой on stage premiere of “Hard to be a God”

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