Звезды тоже плачут: фильмы, заставившие рыдать Николь Кидман, Брэда Питта, Милу Кунис и других

Nicole Kidman: “Bird pity!”

The talent of an actor is the ability to establish an emotional connection with your audience and get her to empathize. But do not forget, that the stars in the ordinary life too simple spectators and all, like to look good films, and sometimes and to weep over the fate of the characters. SPLETNIK.RU decided to recall the actors and their favorite movies, forced to shed many bitter tears. Cook handkerchiefs!

The idol of millions of girls around the world Robert Pattinson forced cry yourself to sleep a huge number of his fans. But the actor himself admits that make him cry… only for the penguins. The star of “twilight Saga” that he feels a connection with animals is much stronger than with the people’s documentary “March of the penguins” in General, “tears” his heart into pieces. And not only Rob – picture about the joys and difficulties overcome these wonderful creatures, moved and severe critics and brought to the creators of the award “Oscar”.

Robert Pattinson and “March of the penguins”

Despite the fact that Brad Pitt himself admits that hardly anything could cause him to miss a miserly men tear, family drama “Life as a house” just “fix” it outright. The protagonist, a 45-year-old architect George Monroe, having learned about his impending end, understands that his life was not as he would like. He decides to correct the mistakes of the past and make peace with his family members. Brad, don’t cry, your big family won’t throw!

Brad pitt and “Life as a house”

The Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman admitted in an interview that make her cry maybe romance “My girl”. Picture 1991 with Dan Эйкройдом, Jamie Lee Curtis and Макколеем Kalkin starring tells the story of the little leopard that lives together with his father, a widower and a lunatic grandmother in the house where is located funeral home. Oppressive atmosphere reduces girl crazy, but here in her life, a new friend.

Natalie Portman and “My girl”

Movie starring Charlize Theron “Sweet November” and so can make crying anyone. But the actress admits that her heart was touched drama “Life is beautiful”. The protagonist, a young successful journalist Adam learns that he has cancer, and he left to live very long. Theron confessed:

I like movies that take you by surprise. And here you weeping, and then laugh and again weeping – ride of emotions. This is my favorite moments!

Charlize Theron and “Life is beautiful”

When you nine (and not only!) the history of the whale, separated from his family and sent in amusement Park, in the movie “Free Willy” seems to be the most touching in the world. Including Mila Kunis. The actress said that this film “broke her heart.” Importantly, Mila, to Ashton Kutcher did the same thing!

Mila kunis and “Free Willy”

The sisters Fenning – El and Dakota – have much in common, long blonde hair, successful acting career and … weakness to your Pets. Both girls were told that the movie “Marley and me” with the participation of Owen Wilson and Jennifer aniston forced them to “cry aloud”. Labrador Marley became the main test for spouses who decide to move to a new city and find a new job.

Dakota and El Fenning and “Marley and me”

And here at Justin Timberlake films, that made him cry, very many ranging from “Forrest Gump” to “Field of wonders” with Kevin costner. But the main picture in the life of Justin – cartoon lion King. Death of the father of cub Simba, recognition Justin, was “the most difficult moment”. Fortunately, the singer has someone to bury his shoulder, his wife Jessica Biel.

Justin Timberlake and “the lion King”

Another lover watch cartoons was Colin Firth. The story of a small слоненке from the circus on behalf of Dumbo touched his heart to the depths of the soul. The actor recalled:

Dumbo, Dumbo… Agree who will not cry, seeing as a mother elephant sent to jail? There are such??

Colin Firth and “Dumbo”

Amazing story of the lives of the six women from a small town in Louisiana in the movie “Steel magnolias” makes you weep James Franco. The actor did not ashamed to admit that not only women can let a tear while watching this melodrama.

James Franco and “Steel magnolias”

Mark Wahlberg known for his roles courageous “bulletproof” guys, however, it appears that in the life of the star of “the Planet of the apes” pretty sensitive. The actor admitted that while watching the movie “the help” “sobbed seven or eight times,” for which there is still a long подтрунивала Ri Дюрем.

Mark Wahlberg and “Servants”

But Michelle Williams makes you cry Mexican film of 2007 “Silent light”. The actress admitted that while browsing in a crowded cinema hall could not control her tears:

I started beating in such a hysterical that my companion suggested we go because I interfere with other viewers.

Michelle Williams and “Silent light”

When it comes to the immortal love story in the legendary film “gone with the wind, cry, everyone can. So decided to Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Olsen and дружности confessed his weakness to this epic Saga.

Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Olsen and “gone with the wind”

And what movies made you shed a tear?

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