Звезда "Лоуренса Аравийского" Питер О'Тул скончался во сне

Irish actor Peter O’toole died in his sleep on 82nd year of a life after long illness. Two days ago he was hospitalized in a London hospital Wellington. In the 1970s, he managed to defeat cancer of the stomach.

Glory and the first nomination for the prize “Oscar” O Tula brought shooting in the drama “Lawrence of Arabia”, directed by David lean in 1962. The role of officer of the British army I.e., Lawrence during the Second world war-liked by the audience around the world.

The daughter of Peter Kate made the announcement:

Our family is grateful and impressed by the huge amount of love and affection, which is expressed its fans in such a tragic time. Thank you to all of our heart.She also asked people to respect the right of the family to privacy.

The President of Ireland, Michael Higgins also expressed his condolences:

Ireland and the whole world lost one of the greatest men of cinema and theatre. He struck the grace that radiated from the stage and screen.

In 2004 O’toole starred in the role of king Priam in a historical drama “Troy”. In 2008 he performed the role of Paul III in the Tudors. Also in 2007, he announced the hero Anton Ego in the animated film “Ratatouille”.

In 2012, Peter announced that he was leaving the cinema:

I wish the film industry for the best.Note, Peter O’toole was eight times nominated for the prize “Oscar”. Only in 2003 he received an honorary statuette, from which he originally wanted to give up. Tape “Lawrence of Arabia” has received seven awards, including best film and best Director.

SPLETNIK.RU brings his condolences.

питер о'тул
Frame from the film “Lawrence of Arabia”

лоуренс аравийский

“Under the shadow of the milky forest” with Elizabeth Taylor in 1972


питер о'тул тюдоры
The Tudors

Watch it on YouTube

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