духи Злато скифовThe spirits of «Golden Scythian» one of the very few scents, which has received recognition not only at home but also abroad: this perfume was awarded the highest award at the international competition in Brussels. Classic evening fragrance is truly a precious example of perfumery the Soviet period. However, it is released to this day, and is available to everyone.

History of creation

Aroma «Golden Scythian» was created on the perfume factory «New dawn» in the fifties of last century. Country hardly recovered after a serious war. Gradually, people woke up interest to the inappropriate recently luxury items, the most affordable of which were spirits. In front of perfumers task was to find the original flavor that will appeal to the mass consumer. This fragrance was created, and in 1958 the competition in Brussels a new perfume ” won a prize. Interestingly, more than twenty years, before perfume became fashionable and well known. Aroma «Golden Scythian» became especially popular in the eighties: he was a welcome gift for women elegant age, dreaming about him and young girls.

The name «gold Scythian» can be considered as one of the most successful names in the history of the «New Dawn»: it excites the imagination of the wealth of the ancient Scythian people. Legends about the fabulous treasures of the Scythian burial mounds for many centuries give no peace nor archaeologists, nor simple townsfolk. And the women who used the spirits of «Golden Scythian» falling light reflection of the ancient mysteries and the legendary luxury.

Bouquet of fragrance

духи Злато скифов«Visiting card» factory «New dawn» was quite simple single-component aromas. Of course, produced and perfumes with a complex composition, for example, the famous «Red Moscow», but more often arbitrary offered clean and simple aromas. The surprising appearance of ghosts «Golden Scythian» – perfume truly luxurious and versatile.

The initial notes are represented by a juicy bergamot and fresh greens. Soon reveals the heart notes of the fragrance fruity accents of Apple and sweet peach mixed with engaging accents ylang-ylang. Depth of flavor give Jasmine and carnation. Finally, sensual notes of plume – sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, amber and moss emphasize sexual way. Especially brightly in the song stands out sandal – his warm fascinating fragrance will appeal not only to lovers of Oriental spirits, but many other. This aroma brings together the most powerful aphrodisiacs – so is it any wonder that before the woman, perfumed spirits «Golden Scythian» no one could resist?

«Gold Scythian» continues to be issued in the twenty-first century, packing perfume became more attractive, but, according to fans, the fragrance is not the same as before. In all probability, production technology have changed, perhaps manufacturers refused any expensive natural ingredients in favor of more profitable from an economic point of view synthetic components. Anyway, a modern version of «Golden Scythian» several loses the original. And yet, this is the scent of history, the smell of luxury and precious. He has a bright personality and very interesting unlike many other flavors «New dawn».

Usage rules

The fashionable spirits have one disadvantage: they are use every third and every other girl on the street. As a result of smell not only quickly bored, but loses its charm and eliminates the individuality of its owner. Classic spirits is not the case: even if the smell is recognizable, it is seen as the original and new. «Gold Scythian» definitely can be attributed to the classic spirits, because this perfume has already celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

This elegant fragrance was created for the evening and could not be better match the views of his time on the evening’s nose – deep, bright and velvety, with… And that is no fault of the perfumers, that many ladies of that time did not represent the difference between the evening and day aromas and used the perfume in the daytime. Of course, for work of a similar aroma «heavy», but in the evening time he is fully disclosed and shimmers precious faces. Like many other heavy and warm aromas, this perfume composition is particularly suitable for winter and is perfectly combined with natural furs.

Despite the fact that «gold Scythian» chose women of all ages – from respectable matrons to their young granddaughters, adolescents, time to put things in their proper places. Now the «gold of Scythians» is considered to be a ladies ‘ aroma, which emphasizes the great Mature sexuality and is best suited for adult women over forty years.

Like other classic fragrances factory «New dawn», «the gold of Scythians» is persistent. This highly concentrated perfume, therefore, in no case should they overused enough to put a few drops to achieve the desired effect. Like other persistent perfumes, spirits «Golden Scythian» are applied on the designated heartbeat pulse: on the wrists, behind the ears, under the knees and neck. However, if you use perfume too liberally, then it becomes too «stuffy», Intrusive and even defiant headache.

Testing aroma when buying, you should not hurry: the first notes may seem резковатыми, but after a few minutes unfolds in all its fullness. Daisy chain also notes are resistant, not all holders of spirits such resistance Rada: the flavor is absorbed in the tissue and wash from his clothes not possible for the first time. However, this isn’t usually necessary: selecting one for the evening spirits «Golden Scythian», many remain faithful to this парфюму for many years.

Maria Bykova

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