Запах лета: конфетный парфюм, аромат-талисман, композиция для суеверных и не только

If in the summer you used to refuse perfume because of reasons like “in the heat, the flavor becomes too suffocating”, you’re just wrong approached to this issue. Seductive and exciting, vibrant and desirable, saturated and at the same time unobtrusive and cosmetic giants from year to year and release a lightweight version of the iconic fragrance, and absolute novelties. About novelties of this season — in review SPLETNIK.RU.

“Flamingo” by Cacharel, or Fragrances from the collection L’eau Flamingo in a refreshing new olfactory interpretation

The flagship scents in refreshing new olfactory interpretation of the bright and the packaging from the collection L’eau by Cacharel Flamingo — an ode to youth and the joy of summer, which by the way, are main values of the brand.

And here flamingos, you ask? Answer. Stately flamingos, full of grace and dignity, — the most charming representatives of the Kingdom of birds. These colorful birds symbolize the ease and beauty of summer sun. Therefore it is not surprising that they were the inspiration for the laboratory of the French brand.

The lineup includes two fragrances: Amor Amor is a fruity floral fragrance with notes of Jasmine and Noa — discreet musky-floral. Each of them is housed in a sleek bottle, painted pink gradient as depicted on the packaging, of course, a bird of Paradise in a magical whirl of feathers and bright colors.

The manifest joy and summer, no less!

Fresh woody citrus aroma Velvet Collection by Dolce&Gabbana

For the current summer season perfume Dolce&Gabbana has prepared its latest masterpiece — fresh woody citrus fragrance Velvet Cypress.

In the center of the composition — Italian cypress, contrasting the essence of which is mixed with piercing green with hints of cedar. This aromatic cocktail complement extracts of bergamot and lemon, which is infused with woody notes and light notes of plant SAP.

As aromas cypress bolder and brighter shows its olfactory facets, highlighted by two courageous quintessential notes: rich notes of sage demonstrate the fruit side of this scented plants, and the absolute sage hints at the scent of hay and dry grass of the last summer days in the village.

It is worth noting that the entire collection Velvet Collection is a Fantasia on the theme of classic flavors creating that master of the perfumery treated to the splendour of vintage Italian ingredients.

Bonbon Spring Summer candy fragrance from Viktor & Rolf

Perhaps one of the most candy fragrances Viktor & Rolf — Bonbon Couture — this season appeared in the Windows of cosmetic stores in the updated version is softer, but just as rich and appetizing. In short, just in time for spring and summer season.

Notes of pink grapefruit, candied Jasmine flowers, powdered sugar, caramel…Add to that the wood tones and get the perfect scent — fresh, floral, light and sweet.

Bonbon Spring Summer is the embodiment of bright emotions and sincere joy inherent in the most favorite time of year for almost every person.

The first gourmet composition Lancome fragrance La Vie est Belle Bouquet de Printemps

La Vie est Belle Bouquet de Printemps — the first gourmet composition Lancome that combines the most noble ingredients constituting openaudio floral history of the thousand-petalled flowers of iris, Jasmine and Lily of the valley, enclosed in a crystal bottle.

The new fragrance, which was created by two geniuses in the world of perfume is Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion differs from the original composition by the extraordinary freshness and lightness, resist which is not possible.

La Vie est Belle Bouquet de Printemps — not just a fragrance is an ode to joy and freedom. The universal Declaration of the beauty of life, if you want.

Oud Essentiel — aroma is a talisman for women and men by Guerlain

Fans of complex flavors will delight from Oud Essentiel, through which the perfumer of the House Guerlain Thierry Wasser shows us the original creation, halfway between the East and West.

The new product complements the olfactory family woody scents of the brand and brings to the forefront of the precious material — udovo tree, savagery and destructiveness which gives the softness of the rose, and the incense helps to create a unique and charismatic plume — pale velvety and attractive at the same time.

This fragrance is a talisman intended for women and men who are looking for Oriental fragrance with a persistent train, not just gourmet, and with woody and dry accents.

Green citrus floral fragrance Sole di Positano from Tom Ford

Introduced its new summer fragrance and Tom Ford: citrus-floral composition called Sole di Positano and became the seventh in the collection of Neroli Portofino.

As once said John Steinbeck, Positano is a magical place that seems not quite real when you are there. And becomes tantalizingly real after you left. Sole di Positano embodies the fantastic beauty of the Italian coast,

— Ford said.

New Tom Ford is a combination of solar notes of Italian bergamot, bitter orange, lemon and Mandarin, complemented by contrasting sharp sound of leaves shiso and chords of sandalwood, ylang-ylang and Jasmine. And sensual flavor adds a soft musk and moss green.

The personification of the era of vintage chic bouquet Superstitious perfume from Frederic Malle

Another novelty of the Superstitious, the personification of the era of vintage chic bouquet perfume from Frederic Malle.

The name of the fragrance reminds you of the fact that both of his author — frédéric target, however, and Alber Elbaz are a superstitious people.

The word “superstition” was the starting point for the creation of the fragrance, we immediately agreed on it. Since we are both superstitious. It’s not just collaboration, is the result of friendship and mutual respect,

says Elbaz.

In the composition of the perfume is pronounced interweaving of rich white flowers, balsamic chords and aromas of rose, complemented by a moderate spicy accents of patchouli and amber-woody notes.

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