For effective results for the skin of a teenager need daily care. It should start with purification, which is now on sale, for example here whole range of various foams and gels which wash off with warm water. The composition of such products include cleansers, which usually do not contain soap or alcohol. Purity and beauty are synonyms, especially when talking about the beauty of young skin, so it is essential to monitor the hygiene of the skin of the face and body as a whole, because hormones acting up during this period and failure to cleaning and care can lead to acne.

Wash with soap and water at this age is not recommended. It is better to pick out any other cleanser with the content of herbal extracts which have a calming effect, such as brand TONY MOLY The principle of washing it is very simple: on wet skin, the person should apply a small amount of foam or gel and gently massage the face in circular motions. However, sometimes this type of skin when a cleanser is not enough-in this case used active the lotion to open pores and ensure the excretion of sebum. Such lotions have an antibacterial effect and prevent the occurrence of acne.

In addition to the use of a toning and cleansing cosmetics in adolescence, you must use tools that protect tender skin from external influences. To do this, sell special gels which are quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no oily sheen. The gel gives the skin a matte texture, at the same time moisturize and soothe, eliminating inherent at this age, the greasiness of the skin.

In addition to all the above the person must have at least 2 times a week to use scrubs or peels. They gently cleanse the skin from keratinized layers of the epidermis, removes dead skin cells thereby giving the skin the ability to obtain oxygen in the right amount. Moreover, the scrubs doing massage facial skin, driving the blood, which is very useful for the younger generation.

And finally, some advice: try as little as possible to touch hands to face (they are known, accumulate a huge number of microbes), and do not abuse decorative cosmetics at this age. If possible, till 16 years it is better not to use cosmetics, this is not necessary, because a person at this age in itself beautiful and young!

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