"Серебряная калоша"-2013 в Кремле

Alexander Gordon and Ksenia Sobchak

Ceremony of awards for the most dubious achievements of the “Silver galosh”-2013 ended a couple of hours ago at the State Kremlin Palace.

This time numerous guests (by the way, tickets can be bought in the booking offices of the city, thanks to what the audience gathered разномастная) – including Elena Perminova, Yana Rudkovskaya, Natasha Ionova and other – under the leadership of the leading, Ksenia Sobchak and Alexander Gordon, traveled to the Soviet past.

The organizers seem to have thought through every detail – so, at the entrance to the audience issued pioneer ties, and to sweeten the waiting time of the beginning of the “cultural program” in the foyer was organized exposition Communist propaganda posters and retro-photos – pictures, however, were mainly from previous “Galoshes”.

Among the nominees this year were marked with Barack Obama in the category “Plagiarism of the year” (for “stole” the idea of electoral spots of Putin supporters), Anastasia Volochkova in category “Instagram of the year” for a photo on the background of floods in the far East and Anatoly Serdyukov, bypassed in the category “Officer of the year, or Chair remains with man” such strong opponents as Gennady Onishchenko, Dmitry Rogozin and Vladimir Medinsky.

Went to the “Shoe” and Gerard Depardieu, who managed to snatch victory from Steven Seagal and Edward Сноудена in the nomination “guest worker of the year, or to Whom in Russia to live well”.

Of course, the writers of the award could not ignore and infamous woman-Deputy Elena Мизулину – she got the award “Мимими of the year”. By the way, it was an opponent… Chelyabinsk meteorite.

Finally, the main prize in the nomination “the Intolerance of the year” – from the stage was presented by Vladimir Pozner. The statuette was claimed by several people: Irina Rodnina a strange “tweet” with a joke about the color of the skin of the American President, Ulyana Скойбеда for the article called “Sometimes you regret that of the ancestors of today’s liberals did the Nazis made lampshades and, finally, Dmitry Kiselev, insulting высказывавшийся homosexuals.

Loud and approving applause of the award in the category of “Intolerance of the year” was awarded all three of the nominees.

ксения собчак на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Ksenia Sobchak

ксения собчак на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013

ксения собчак и александр гордон на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Alexander Gordon and Ksenia Sobchak

ксения собчак и александр гордон на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013

никита джигурда на премии "серебряная калоша"
Nikita Dzhigurda

иосиф кобзон на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Iosif Kobzon

елена перминова на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Elena Perminova in Isabel Marant for H&M

полина киценко на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Polina Kitsenko

кирилл серебренников на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Kirill Serebrennikov

Яна Рудковская на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Yana Rudkovskaya in Valentino

николай расторгуев на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Nikolay Rastorguev

наталья ионова на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Natalya Ionova

борис моисеев на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Boris Moiseev

виктория лопырева на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Victoria Лопырева and Artem Sorokin

софико шеварнадзе на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Sofiko Shevardnadze

ида лоло
IDA Lolo

сати казанова на премии "серебряная калоша"
Sati Kazanova

ирина дубцова на премии "серебряная калоша"
Irina Dubtsova

андрей бартеньев на премии "серебряная калоша"-2013
Andrey Bartenev

рома зверь
Roma Beast

эвелина бледанс
Evelina Bledans in Dolce&Gabbana with her husband Alexander Semin

данила поляков на премии "серебряная калоша"
Danila Polyakov

на премии "серебряная калоша"

на премии "серебряная калоша"

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