Israel is the country of fairy tales, there is summer all year round, three sea, fresh air, forests and mountains. It is not surprising that rejuvenating trip as a trip for health, many are strongly associated with this country. And rest and treatment at the Dead sea is the apex of this phenomenon.

Уникальность Мертвого моряThe uniqueness of the Dead sea allows many people to get rid of a number of health problems, including skin diseases, chronic diseases of the joints and other problems, including neurological, helping to improve the state of the whole organism, and the secret was known from time immemorial.

According to some data, Cleopatra «came down» to the Dead sea (as expressed by the Israelis, thus emphasizing the low level of the sea, which consists of this wonder of the world – one of the lowest points on Earth) in order to maintain beauty.

Lowest point in the Dead sea makes the air here is much more saturated with oxygen. This fact can help you not only to relax and preen one’s feathers, but also allow all members of the family pass a useful body with oxygen enrichment. Very often, this event helps the emergency and the successful rehabilitation of patients after stroke. It is also useful for people suffering from insomnia, headaches, and other neurological problems, including different forms of the effects of stress.

Отели ИзраиляAround the Dead sea is a number of hotels, each of which is establishment-Spa, which we can call sanatoriums. Various kinds of massages and therapies, as a rule, combined with conventional examinations doctors. Of course, in complex cases, this does not replace conservative treatment, but as a way to improve your health, clean the pores, heal psoriasis and other diseases – the Dead sea is the perfect answer for many people.

Whether you are travelling to Israel to visit, traveling, or treatment (now, unfortunately this happens very often), visit the Dead sea must include in your program as to miss such an opportunity should not be!

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