Итоги года 2013: самый стильный ребенок

We continue to sum up the passing year, and this time we offer you to choose the most fashionable star child-2013. Competition in this nomination serious: in ten included such well-known young mods as Harper Beckham, Kingston Россдейл and Flynn bloom.

All of them from childhood accustomed to glory and the flashes of cameras around, they dress the best designers in the world and have dressing rooms filled with exclusive outfits. And fall into the ratings of the most stylish, they also do not get used to it even still a very young age. So, who from the stellar offspring should be the first in the trendy charts?

Suri Cruise

What a list of very young fashionistas will cost without Suri? Daughter Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for a long time already not a novice in such ratings. Clothes for her, as a rule, very feminine, mainly dresses and skirts (actually, has anyone seen Suri in the pants?). And preferences of our nominees also like any girl: Cruz loves the color pink and accessories of all kinds – whether handbags, bows or headbands hair.

Сури Круз

Harper Beckham

With a mother is a fashion designer and dad, one of the most stylish men in the world is impossible not to become a woman of fashion with a very early age. Let Harper is hardly knows the name of at least one brand, dresses it always look great. Special delight of the audience causes shoes girls – whether it is a tiny ballerinas or miniature Dr. Martens.

Харпер Бекхэм

Kingston Россдейл

Son Gwen Stefani and Gavin Россдейла Kingston, according to his preferences in clothes, may in the future become, or a rock star, or athlete. However, we are assured, that sense of style will remain there in any case.

Кингстон Россдейл

Flynn Bloom

Son Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom – “man” serious, and in his wardrobe is such perpetual values Moda as, for example, the classic coat and comfortable jeans and fashion items like jackets-бомберов. With regard to the headwear, then mom Flynn always shows an enviable imagination, and we can only be astonished.

Флинн Блум

Zahara Jolie-Pitt

From just a numerous family Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt it is Zahara is the darling of the fashion critics. Style girls they describe as “elegant and classic”. Although the experiments with the style of the daughter of famous parents refuses.

Захара Джоли-Питт

Skyler Berman

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe which , incidentally, is now about to become a mother, demonstrates their professional skills, dressing son. Doubt the professionalism of Rachel is not necessary: Skyler now a permanent participant of different rankings of the most stylish kids planet.

Скайлер Берман

Anya Ambrosio

The eldest daughter of Alessandra Ambrosio Anya exactly much inherited from my mother: the girl knows how to pose for photographers and confidently wear trendy clothes. She even managed to work together with her mother, she appeared with her for the advertising campaign of one of the brands.

Аня Амброзио

Tabitha and Marion Broderick

Tradition pick up двойняшкам absolutely identical outfits are hopelessly outdated – prove my example Sarah Jessica Parker and her daughter Tabitha and Marion. Girls not only are always well-dressed, but perfectly complement the images of each other.

Табита и Марион

Onor Warren

Daughter Jessica Alba similar to mum, not only externally: love of fashion she also inherited. As the actress herself, Onor is not afraid of bold combinations – such as plaid skirt and sneakers.

Онор Уоррен

Romeo Beckham

Our last today’s candidate for the title of “the Most fashionable of the child 2013” – Romeo Beckham. The family of the boy is so stylish that we could not include in the rating of only one Harper. Moreover style Romeo appreciated by the main experts of the fashion industry: no wonder he chose to face one of advertising campaigns Burberry.

Ромео Бекхэм

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