Итоги года-2013: модные рекламные кампании

Summing up the fashion the results of 2013, we decided to choose the best advertising campaign in the field of fashion with the stars. Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Miroslava Duma and other celebrities look at us from the luster and demonstrate spectacular images of the video.

1. Nicole Kidman for the Jimmy Choo

In may, it became known that the Australian actress Nicole Kidman will be the face of the advertising campaign Shoe brand Jimmy Choo season autumn-winter 2013/14. Shooting stylized film in the genre Noir, and Kidman perfectly got used to the image of the heroine Hitchcock. Photographer – Mikael Jansson, stylist Julia von Боэм.

Nicole Kidman for Jimmi Choo


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2.       Marion Cotillard for Dior

Mystically beautiful Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard posing in the advertising campaign for the collection of Lady Dior handbags fall-winter season 2013/14. Photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino. Designer handbags, of course, RAF Simons.

марион котийяр-1
Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior

марион котийар-1

марион котийар-3

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3. Miranda Kerr for Mango

The Australian model Miranda Kerr has expanded its portfolio of advertising campaigns taking of a mass-market brand Mango. Stylist – Жеральдина Саглио. Jeans, floral prints, tartan image in the spirit of grunge chic to face Miranda.

Миранда Керр
Miranda Kerr for Mango

Миранда Керр-2

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4.       Charlotte Casiraghi for Gucci

The daughter of the Princess of Monaco Carolina signed a contract with the Italian fashion house Gucci in 2012. The latest advertising campaign Forever Now became Charlotta the fourth: while still pregnant, she posed for photographer Bruce Weber together with cute dogs and a horse.

шарлотта казираги
Charlotte Casiraghi for Gucci

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5.       Carla Bruni for Bvlgari

After a break in the modeling career of ex-first lady of France Carla Bruni starred in an advertising campaign Diva Collection of jewelry brand Bvlgari. As a photographer, made infamous by Terry Richardson.

карла бруни
Carla Bruni for Bvlgari


6.       Kate Moss for Versace

British model Kate moss starred in spring-summer and autumn-winter campaign Italian brand Versace. Unfortunately, or fortunately, next year it will be replaced Lady Gaga.

кейт мосс
Kate moss for Versace

кейт мосс-2

кейт мосс-23

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7.       Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti Dolce&Gabbana

Real drama unfolded on the set of the autumn advertising campaign for Dolce&Gabbana: Monica Bellucci, and Bianca Balti signature lace Dolce&Gabbana show emotional facial expressions. Mamma mia!

моника белуччи и бьянка балти
Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti for Dolce&Gabbana


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8.       Natalia Vodianova for Etam

Natalia Vodianova is posing for the photographer Benoit Певерелли for the advertising campaign of swimwear Etam. Bright colors and sultry image of the Russian model rein it in the top 10 of our rating.

Natalia Vodianova for Etam

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9. Beyonce for H&M

Shooting Beyonce for swimwear collections from the Swedish mass-market brand H&M took place in the Bahamas. Bright, hot and very important.

Beyonce for H&M

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10.   Olivia Palermo for Oscar De La Renta

TV presenter and a socialite girl Olivia Palermo appeared in advertising, Oscar De La Renta in 2013, and in the next it will be our it girl Miroslava Duma.

оливия палермо
Olivia Palermo for Oscar De La Renta

Оливия Палермо-2

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11.   Elena Perminova, Miroslava Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko for TSUM

Promotional campaign of the autumn-winter 2013-2014 starred in the interiors of galleries in London, one of the largest auction houses in the world – Phillips – at the end of June. Our ladies Elena Perminova, Ulyana Sergeenko and Miroslava Duma appeared in the frame Murtha Аласа and Marcus Пиггота, once again speaking authors of the advertising campaign as the main fashion Department store in Moscow.

перминова, сергеенко и дума
Elena Perminova, Miroslava Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko for cum

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12. Miroslava Duma for Alexander Terekhov

Alexander Terekhov created a bright fantastic collection together with American Retro and Disney. The theme of the circus is traced in black and white and color prints with diamonds. A tribute to the image of Porcelain girls – print with broken saucers. Collection presented Miroslava Duma.

мирослава дума
Miroslava Duma for Alexander Terekhov

13.   Anna Чиповская for Bohemique

Sensual lace from one of the most mysterious brands Bohemique this year showed star “Trees” actress Anna Чиповская. Neither red track, no film premieres, nor fashion shows and entertainers are without Anna in seductive clothes brand.

Anna Чиповская for Bohemique

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