With the question to talk about the possibilities of laser surgery and modern technology in ophthalmology, we turned to the surgeon with years of practice, the doctor of medical Sciences, chief physician of the Center of recovery, head of the Department of cataract surgery RUSSIAN scientific research Institute of Eye diseases, Member of Moscow and Russian society of ophthalmologists Youssef Naim Youssef.

1. Please tell us more about the advanced technologies used in your clinic.

The last word in vision correction is the use of femtosecond laser. Most of the operations – 70% that we perform in our clinic are. We use the Victus femtosecond laser, manufactured by Bausch&Lomb. This equipment of premium class, which allows to make highly efficient operation, absolutely safe for patients. This unique device is useful in two directions ophthalmic microsurgery: for vision correction and lens replacement in cataract treatment.

Currently chirurgi all over the world almost refused to conduct operations according to traditional methods laser Lasik and went 100% laser procedure Femto Lasik. In Russia, the Center of recovery a few years ago underwent the first operation by this method. Femtosecond laser is very expensive equipment, so not all swords can afford to buy it. At the same time in the leading countries of Europe, more than 80% of all operations carried out by the method of Femto Lasik. Surgeons appreciated the quality of this procedure.

2. What are the advantages surgery Femto?

Throughout the operation used only the laser beam, including for the formation of the flap, separation of the upper corneal layer. The fabric is less damaged than when using the microkeratome – sharp blades. Computer control and monitoring allows you to get the exact flap of the desired thickness. Therefore, the operation using the femtosecond laser can make people with too thin cornea. This feature of the structure of the eye is a contraindication for conventional correction using the microkeratome blade.

3. Is it true that you can now remove cataracts laser?

Yes, it’s true. Victus femtosecond laser in our practice is used to replace the crystalline lens with cataract. Its beam destroys the clouding of the crystalline lens under the control of the surgeon, and then makes a microscopic incision through which removes the fragmented remains of the lens from the eye. This means that the operation is faster and safer than the way traditional method of phacoemulsification.

The use of Victus femtosecond laser brought surgery for cataract in our center to a new unattainable to that level. It’s straight out of a sci-Fi movie about the future, destroyed the cataract inside the eye without making a single incision and without entering inside.

4. What can you say about the individual norm of intraocular pressure, and is it true that its rate can be measured in your clinic?

Earlier the rate of intraocular pressure (IOP) were averaged: 22 mm Hg. If the patient was diagnosed with higher rate, it was considered a reason for starting treatment. But recent ophthalmologic studies in our clinic showed that for each person the normal IOP of an individual. Determine the pressure is primarily important because its increase is a symptom of glaucoma. If any man does not always notice signs of the disease, but in the eye of the already occurring threat of irreversible changes. Therefore, the disease is very insidious.

Our specialists determine the individual normal IOP for each patient, and helps to detect glaucoma at an early stage. There were cases when the critical exponent for the man was slightly lower than the average of 22 cm of mercury. After the testing, the person receives a form that shows the boundaries of safe and dangerous intraocular pressure. Also, the method allows to determine the risk of developing glaucoma in the future. Knowledge of the specific rate of IOP is important for early diagnosis of this disease.

5. By what technique is the treatment of keratoconus in your clinic?

Keratoconus is a dangerous pathological change in the cornea, in which its surface will take the form of a cone. Needless to say, this leads to significant changes of view? Rays are not properly refracted in the cornea, and the tissue becomes thin and vulnerable. This disease develops over several months and even years. One outcome – the need to replace the cornea artificial. This surgery is called keratoplasty.

However, the methodology developed in the walls of our head of Institute, Institute of Eye diseases with the participation of specialists of the Center of recovery, a bandage therapeutic optical correction (BLOCK) can improve eyesight, slow down (and sometimes stop) deformation. To do this, use femtosecond laser. Its beam forms segments from a donor cornea and special pockets in the cornea of the patient, and then prepared implants will be inserted. This allows you to return the necessary thickness of the most affected areas and to improve the patient’s vision. The segments are made of biological tissue, and therefore will not provoke allergic reactions and rejection. The BLOCK is shown to people with any stage of keratoconus.

Modern equipment Center restore vision, advanced technology and skilled ophthalmologists with extensive experience will allow you to effectively and safely solve the problems of the patient.

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