духи из цветов своими руками

To prepare the spirits of purchased color or colors of your garden, just some 20-30 minutes and three months. And you will become an owner of a completely unique author’s fragrance, just a little wait. Just imagine: to combine in one flavor of what you always wanted to join, but buy this and failed. And then three months, and rose with mint, bergamot and vanilla you in a bottle!

Choose the flowers, the scent of which you like best take only one kind of colors and join them in лубых, even unthinkable flower compositions. If the flower now not at hand, delivery of flowers you here will help.

The colors can add and fragrant herbs and/or aromatic seasoning or later dilute the resulting aroma of essential oils.

Rinse and dry it thoroughly petals (you can use and dried, but they need a few more), then crush the flowers with a knife or any other similar приспособлением.Не be too zealous in grinding of flowers gave their fragrance ahead of time. Try to cut petals, not break them.

Put sliced petals in a clean, dry jar with a tight lid and fill with, ideally, a special perfume alcohol or just pure alcohol. You can use and vodka.

The colors should be about 12 weeks to give its fragrance, so be patient. Put a jar with petals in a dark cool place and from time to time gently shake it, or just try to forget her, changed the date on the cover.

Three months strain your spirits through a metal sieve and pour them into the vial.

Your own unique and unique perfume ready!

Use them in pure form or dream, adding essential oils. Отливайте for their aromatic experiments quite a bit of spirits, do not forget that the next batch will appear only after three months.

To turn the perfume in a toilet or парфюмированную water, they can simply be diluted with distilled water to the desired concentration. If the water comes out too much, keep your ready perfume in a refrigerator and use generously, without sparing.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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