Every woman prefers to perform manicure nail to feel confident and perfect. Indeed, conventional lacquer coating can not only harmoniously complete the image, but also significantly increase self-esteem.

However, do not be overlooked to the choice of varnish, because of its durability and quality depends on the whole manicure and a General impression of the hands of a Charmer. That is why one should prefer well-known brands, which though are a bit more expensive but provide the perfect design of nails. The question arises, what criteria must evaluate to meet the most stubborn nail Polish?

Here the main task of the varnish dreams is as follows: to achieve a uniform distribution of the lacquer coating on the nail plate, homogeneous smooth Shine, fast drying, long durability and maximum resistance to all mechanical damage. If one vial shall be gathered all these requirements, then there is no more need to look for the best nail Polish. Resistant variant was found.

But how do you know that the selected product truly worthy? For this it is important to carefully examine the label and chemical composition. So, the presence of nitrocellulose provides resistance to mechanical damage and external Shine manicure, but plasticizers give lacquer great texture and elasticity. Thinners provide viscous, synthetic resin determine the duration of manicure, well, colored pigments provide a rich color palette. So to know about such indicators are worth.

And yet what are the most resistant varnishes for the nails, and whose manufacturers are such creatures? It is worth noting that the characteristic varnish coatings are not cheap, but the result is worth it, because manicure looks flashy, showy and expensive. What more could you want from nail Polish?

The first option. The famous French brand Bourjois provides not only the numerous lines of cosmetics, but also the unique collection of lacquer coatings, which are popular all over the world. High quality, constant appearance of new products, as well as the creation of a quick-drying, strengthening, persistent and spectacular bases – just the main task of this company with a world name. Today the product range can be found in any specialty stores, common in every country.

The second option. Stylists around the world are actively using products by famous производителяDior and varnish coverings were no exception. Resistant varnishes Dior Vernis – relatively fresh solution which ensures the absence of cracks and delamination, glossy Shine, homogeneous texture without gaps, as well as the longevity of manicure and impressive appearance. Despite the fact that varnishes are not cheap, allow noticeably to save its possessor a thin brush and saturated color provide low consumption of valuable liquid when performing a masterpiece on the nail plates of different lengths. Besides do not forget that this manicure dries in just 5 minutes, which, alas, can not be said about cheap varnishes.

Third option. German brand with a worldwide reputation Avon also produces a series of lacquer coatings that provide lasting results and fast drying. Collection of varnishes are so varied and diverse, that any, even the most sophisticated fashionista will find the most suitable option. Such products meet the criterion «Price – quality», and many women manicures to use the mark.

Option four. Swedish company Oriflame does not limit the range of its products exclusively varnishes for the nails, however, a small collection of unique coatings for nail yet available. Characteristic lucky proved themselves in the world of modern cosmetology, because they offer rich colors, often with the use of mother-of-pearl, as well as quick and lasting effect. Periodically there are novelties also satisfy all the needs and requirements of fashionistas from all over the world.

Option fifth. Manufacturer Maybelline on everyone’s lips, as its cosmetic products impresses with its quality, durability and duration of application, many years now staying competitive. Did not become exception and varnish coatings, for example, a series Colorama presents a large selection of shades, from dairy to cold violet-plum, red and coral flowers to natural beige-brown tones. Of course, there are trendy colors, ideal bold manicure modern youth.

Option sixth. The undisputed leader in the world of modern cosmetology still remains a well-known brand on an international level under the name of Orly. A unique range of pastel colors of enamels, radical colors, nacreous shades, Matt foundations for a French manicure – all this can be purchased at the company store this brand. A distinctive feature of the manufacturer Orly is the fact that the firm is engaged exclusively in the production of means of nail care, including a huge range of lacquer coatings. So here you can find the most unexpected tinge, allowing logical to complete the generated image.

Amaze with the variety of lipsticks. Images created on the nail plates of different lengths, just admire its density, strength and durability.

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