The birth of a child is, of course, a miracle, but it is not always possible to give birth, no matter how it sounded scary. And many women in our time have to think about abortion. Not the best option of termination of pregnancy – abortion. Therefore, there were many studies on medical abortion.

Medical abortion

The essence of the use of medicines for getting rid of unwanted pregnancy – increasing the number of contractions of the muscular layer of the uterus and separation of the egg. Whereby the cervix is dilated and uterus is getting rid of the egg. In this method, there is a positive side, first of all, that is what eliminates almost any possibility of adhesions or infection and, of course, preservation of the uterus. Proven effective in 98% of cases.

Get rid of the pregnancy can be at a very early period. In addition, the woman gets rid of the need for surgical intervention and the occurrence of possible effects from the use of anesthesia.

So, for example, are very commonly used drugs on the basis of mifepristone. Not to say that such drugs have a 100% guarantee, the more the result should be confirmed with the doctor.

The drugs have limitations for use, it is impossible, for example, use them if you have asthma, or a woman smokes more than 10 cigarettes per day, or over 35. Contraindications also include vascular diseases and heart disease. It is clear that after the reception you can’t go far, especially in places where no medical institutions, as the drug involves profuse uterine bleeding (how to distinguish abnormal uterine bleeding in women , visit the website

Traditional methods

Along with drug getting rid of pregnancy, there are means-tested by our ancestors. You can often hear the recipe is to take a hot bath with mustard powder. After these procedures, expands blood vessels of the pelvis, and thereby increases the pressure and begins profuse bleeding. But, this method is very dangerous because in most cases, associated with very profuse bleeding, which is almost impossible to stop at home and sometimes even death can occur. In cases where the child survives, it is necessary to know that healthy he will be gone.

Safer methods include herbal infusions. For example, use the herb watercress or tansy.

Finally I want to remind every woman that ‘s independent getting rid of the fetus is fraught with serious consequences, so do not perform any experiments on their own body, and consult your gynecologist.

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