польза лака для ногтейLife of the modern woman consists of trifles. And such insignificant at first glance, item manicures, actually sometimes able to dictate the entire image and set the mood for the whole day. Once again, вырисовывая on their ноготках intricate patterns or covering them with bright color, girls think about the impact of varnish. What are the benefits of nail Polish, and his harm? All your questions had answers now Beauty-Hands.ru.

Lacquer varnish strife

You also know where to look, when looking at bottles with colored liquid in a beauty shop? It’s hard not to get lost in such assortment, but we will help you understand. All lipsticks can be divided into three main groups:

  • Basic coatings. Usually such varnish has no color and is applied directly under the bright manicures. Its main purpose is to protect the nail plate from the harmful effects of decorative coating. Also on offer are varnishes containing vitamin complexes. They are ideal for thin and weak nails, aligning their surface.
  • Decorative lucky. Striking in this case, the diversity of colors and shades. You can find a varnish on every occasion of life, under suitable shoes or a bag, or just euphoric. If to speak about harm of nail Polish, it concerns precisely color coating. Let us dwell on this issue below.
  • Fixing coating. Applied over the complete manicure and is meant to save your masterpiece for a long time.

Don’t forget about hypoallergenic lipsticks that will safeguard the nails from allergic reactions.

польза лака для ногтей

Use nail Polish

Strangely enough, but the lacquer can be even useful. We have already mentioned above healing coatings for nails, now let’s talk in detail. If your nails exfoliate, crack, break, or have an ugly color, then you just need a therapeutic varnish. Good tool, unfortunately, is worth a lot, but you will not regret your purchase. Vitamins, minerals, and oils are part of such a varnish, within a month transform your nails and improve their condition. Also this tool can be conveniently used for decorative coating. It smoothes the surface of the nail that makes manicure more accurate. Use nail Polish with therapeutic components consists in the fact that it prevents the contact of color coating with nails, that significantly reduces the negative impact.

Science is moving forward quickly, which allows you to create also a useful coloured coating for nails. We offer to your attention a novelty on the market of cosmetics nail Polish. The gel nail Shellac has indisputable advantages, which make it very popular among fashion-conscious women.

  • Such varnish stays on nails long enough. Week, you can not exactly remember about the need to make manicure.
  • The gel nail practically does not harm the nails. It consists of a minimum of harmful chemicals, therefore, is permissible even for people with allergies.
  • Thanks to its dense structure of Shellac strengthens the nail plate and prevents its fragility.

вред лака для ногтей

Harm nail Polish

The main danger of varnish is its toxicity. Modern cosmetics nail contains the following components that can be dangerous for your health.

  • Toluene. It is an industrial solvent used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes and glue. The compound not only can cause severe burns and allergic reactions, but also influence on the organism as a whole. Especially noticeable its effects on the Central nervous system. Headaches, weakness, fainting, nausea, – here is far not all the consequences of the use of low-quality varnish. Also suffer heart, kidneys and the musculoskeletal system. Note that in Europe the use of toluene is prohibited. To reduce the harm nail Polish, buy cosmetics of famous European brands.
  • Formaldehyde. It is used in a large number of decorative cosmetics and household chemicals. Is a colorless gas and facilitate long-term storage of varnish. Among Allergy sufferers in contact with formaldehyde is possible dermatitis and chemical burns. In more severe cases there is a violation of a heart rhythm, a delay of breath, convulsions.
  • Dibutyl phthalate is used as a flavoring. This is the most dangerous component, which leads to the development of endocrine disorders, gynecological diseases, diseases of the respiratory tract.

In addition to the toxic influence, the use of low-quality varnishes for the nails may lead to fragility of the nail plate and its thinning. Often after long term use colored varnish nails become yellow color that is hard to overcome.

Use nail Polish is relative, but the harm is quite specific. To reduce negative impact of the funds on your body, purchase only high quality products proven producers. Do not buy varnishes in the transitions, doubtful, shops and in the markets. At any store, you must provide a certificate of quality and hygienic conclusion. At refusal of the seller or the absence of documents, we recommend to refrain from buying.

вред лака для ногтей

Ekaterina S. for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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