In all cabins there is a service of the French manicure. It is this manicure – light pink or transparent with a white outline the end of the nail is the most popular for a few years already.

There are two types of applying the French manicure – using stickers and a brush. The first method is the most simple for home manicure. In stores now buy varnishes, there is also a ready-made sets for French manicure. The set consists of three lacquer base, white and post, as well as a special sticker. Standard stickers are of two kinds – classic semi-circle, and in the form of an arrowhead. For the beginning laid the Foundation. It is put on the whole nail a uniform layer. Next, you need to wait for the full drying of the basics, otherwise manicure is not sufficiently careful, and white lacquer may leak. Next pasted stickers. You should leave a tip of the nail free to then put on his white lacquer. The best is sticking to the free-nail. Then a French manicure will look more beautiful. After the application must also await the complete drying out before you remove the sticker. And already in the end of manicure superimposed reinforcing layer.

The second method is more sophisticated and complex. Begin and end are the same as that of the first method. The difference in the manner causing the white stripes – it should be applied with brush. It is important to make the path of white lacquered in one touch of a hand to hold the edges of a flat strip. This method is used in the wizard. At home, such a procedure is quite complicated, as there is no full of hands.

But now, when fashion is kept is not the first year’s clothes polka dots, it is time for new ideas of the French manicure. To nails were in harmony with clothing and footwear and accessories, new ideas appeared French manicure with points. The standard of this kind can be considered a classic tones of manicure with the addition of points, applied parallel to the white ground.

You can also vary the French manicure various modifications. For example, you can change the default white lacquer on some bright shade. Then manicure will be unusual, and thus attract the attention and enthusiastic cheers of friends.

And you can change the entire palette of classic colors, unusual and even extravagant. If the soul want summer and warmth, that you can try instead of classics try juicy and bright shades. The idea of a French manicure, which changed the color scheme more and more popular and in demand.

If’t want to get too fancy French manicure, you can make just a little contrast to strike a classical basis, and point to make a contrasting shade. This manicure will look superb.

Another idea for a French manicure can be called, the location of points around the nail bed. Points are not parallel white lines nail, as applied to any pattern in different parts of the nail.

Also, it looks good, when the classic French applied first point parallel to the white edging, but at the corner of the nail they do not end, and continue its shape reminding of any flower. This manicure will look perfectly on any nails.

To consolidate the theory is always necessary to implement it. You can try classic French with the addition of a pattern in the form of points.

First of all, you must prepare the material. French manicure need a nail file, a means of softening the cuticles, stick with «hoof» for отодвигания cuticle, tweezers for removing excess cuticle and burrs, stickers, дотсы and varnishes – transparent, light pink and white as well as varnish, contrast key. For example. the blue.

the first step will be the preparation of nails. Given shape nail (the square. oval or any other taste) using a nail file. Importantly, when подпиливании nail – do sawing motion in one direction, not to stratify the nail. Also, it’s important to choose a file, that will not be too large.

After giving form to the nail, you must process the cuticle размягчающим means. Next spatula push back cuticles, if there is a desire, the excess can be cut tweezers. But the trim option when running in home conditions more often does not look very carefully. Then, with the help of tweezers and remove any burrs.

The second stage will be drawing basics. She usually either light pink or light beige or transparent. Preferably before varnishing do not Polish the nail to grip varnish was stronger. Then manicure will stay long enough.

The next step is application of a white line. It can be applied by brush or with a label. The first times it is better to use the stickers.

Next apply a point on a path of white lacquer using dots. Here feature is that you cannot take on дотсы immediately lot of varnish. Otherwise, the point will be convex, cause discomfort and quickly сдерутся.

the final step was to apply the anchor of varnish.

It is also important that after each stage of the varnish is dry out completely. Of course, this is a long manicure, but it’s worth it.

Any ideas French manicure with points can be realized in a home. It is enough to have the necessary material and imagination. And also, spend a couple of hours on the care of nails and bringing them to their ideal.


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