Young parents there are many issues related to the health of their babies. One of the problems that concern them is the question of how to distinguish between infant colic from the cold? The fact is that they are very similar in signs. Let’s try to deal with this.

As the child’s body is characterized by its immaturity, it is a discomfort as colic is caused by intestinal spasm, as the digestive system of a child is in the learning phase to work correctly, spasms, in turn, deliver the baby discomfort. As a rule, colic, the child begins to become anxious in the evening. Is such a concern that the baby begins to twist legs, drawing them up to her stomach. But on the regularity and quality of the chair is not affected, the only thing that can occur is constipation. From the moment stabiliziruemost digestion, colic will disappear by themselves.

This usually occurs by three months of age, maybe a little more. But before this age colic give child a lot of trouble. In this case it would be appropriate to help your baby to those which aims to improve peristalsis. If we talk about popular media, it is possible to use dill water, decoctions of chamomile, anise and fennel. But now there are drugs are effective and safe for the baby, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

In case of violation of the intestinal microflora, we are talking about dysbiosis. While in the womb, the digestive tract of the child was not involved, and was therefore sterile. The first bacteria were there at birth and the subsequent meal. Two weeks in the intestine restores the desired environment and creates its own microcosm consisting of many bacteria. Most of them are necessary to ensure the implementation of the digestion, synthesis and assimilation of vitamins, to help immune system to suppress pathogenic flora, which is present in the environment and in the intestines of any person. But if the balance is upset, resulting from a failure in the body, harmful microbes begin their destructive activities in the digestive system of the baby.

In such cases, in addition to those symptoms, which occur with colic, diarrhea appears. What to give the child diarrhea can be read on the website If in addition to diarrhea, vomiting, in such cases, you should not self-medicate, it is better to call a doctor, who will refer the baby for checkup. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the child will be assigned to the combined treatment, which is intended to correct the imbalance and restore the intestinal microflora.

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