Акцент на глаза как праздничный тренд: новогодние тени и средства ухода

A series of Christmas and new year holidays can drive you mad any trial тусовщицу. Obviously, care products and makeup just have to do magic and work in non-stop mode. Ultra-resistant shadows with fantastic glimmer of a luxurious gold, copper, metal and chromium – here is the main beauty trend of the season. New limited collection of festive shadows speak about the same thing – this winter will play out in neon colors, precious shades and chic diamond eyes. In our survey of Christmas lines shadows and room pampering funds for century – new year view 2014 from A to Ya

So, start a great training room pampering funds for tired for the year eyes. Swelling, redness, fine wrinkles and dull – cowardly enemies spectacular sight you know. Girl, rejoice, we have found a real working miracle products. Moisturizing, hydrating and again hydration! Water is the “blue gold”heard?

Now, serum Super Aqua-Eye Serum from Guerlain moisturizes the skin age of thirty hours straight! And yet – restores, appears smoother, more polished, fresh and elasticity. The complex “Desert rose” and hyaluronic acid. By the way, smoothing wrinkles, markedly reduce puffiness and dark circles is also a merit of the serum.

The following beauty hero in the hearts of the editorial brand Givenchy and serum for the eye treatment Smile’N Repair Firming Eyecare Roll-On Puffiness & Dark Circles. Incredibly smooth and soft texture is applied with a roller metal applicator, instantly tightening and refreshing the skin. The result threw us into a pleasant shock: dark circles and puffiness disappeared one hundred percent. Believe it or not, but after a couple of uses we have completely forgotten about corrector for the eyes.

New year is another reason to raise a glass, but уходовое treatment for eye with an extract of wine is much more useful – cream with polyphenols Caudalie Premier Cru returns elasticity, gives Shine and adjusts the wrinkles. Other luxurious cream from YSL – Forever Youth Liberator removes swelling in a single application: a micro-particles шиммера envelop eyelids stunning radiance and conceal dark circles.

Well, incredible serum from Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 is unique in that it is suitable for both the eye and eyelashes. Lifting, a fresh look and thick lashes as a result of the work ramnose and ceramide in the same vial.

And for dessert we left “tasty” and very useful inspiring mask-sorbet Darphin with fresh, melting and light texture. Instantly hydrates the skin of the eye contour, thanks to the natural extract of cucumber and Japanese green tea extracts. Plus, reduces the dullness and has a relaxing effect, improves skin a healthy glow and freshness of view. At the miracle mask Darphin is not less tasty and effective companion – smoothing gel eye contour against fatigue with walnuts and caffeine. The parties are you ready – zero wrinkles, maximum Shine and smoothness of the skin.

Our holiday ball opens the legendary home of fashion and beauty Dior with the Christmas collection makeup Golden Winter. We were so tired from the white winter, that is the time to dig into the magnificent rose gold. Religious mosaic of shadows 5 Couleurs presented in two Christmas versions: the front palette Golden Snow and more restrained Golden Flower. If in the first кутюрной box lurk shining shades of grey, lilac, bronze and pink, in the second – gold, copper, peach and pink again. You have already understood, that the gold and pink – chief of beauty duet of the New year?

In addition, Dior introduced limited triple палетку shadows 3 Couleurs Rosewood Glow – a mystical glow roses, wrapped in ice. In the end, fluorescent, fluorescent hues sparkle on the eyelids like this precious metal, wafting thoughts about the new year Versailles. Where else can you see so many gold immediately? Now in its native mirror!

Let’s угадаем, what Christmas presents to us brand Atelier Lauder? Of course, in a trendy style of metallic! Triple shadows from the collection of Metallics Pure Color is a fascinating total onion” for a century in one палетке: basis, path, and flickering. Air shadows literally cover the eyes magical luster and striking colors.

Effect of metallic – from soft radiance to the ultra-bright blinding light achieved through mother-of-pearl particles and special мерцающему pigment. Long wearing shadows “seals” color intact for ten hours. Dry application we recommend the sober, refined image, and “wet” – for a bold and scandalous art Nouveau. Plus, convenient applicator allows to put the shades exactly as it should for “metallized” art effect.

It is obvious that France continues giddy atmosphere of eternal triumph, glamour and отвязных parties. New year show performed by Guerlain is powered energy crazy Paris, so that the name of the festive collections of the brand Crazy Paris speaks for itself. Collectible shade of Neon Look is a complete image for parties of any size. Two Matt powder eye liner black and gray highlight and effectively allocate eye contour. A stunning set of shadows of the four velvety and shimmering shades of copper, Beja, white and hot pink one can endlessly mix. In any case, the result is – sexual and memorable view.

All components beauty product can be applied and dry, and «wet» method, creating a customized vivid images. Spectacular lacquered case black equipped with panoramic mirror illuminated by the word P.A.R.I.S. Neon look and crazy fun in the style of French chic New year you will remember for all your life and your companions will never forget your fatal opinion.

Our new year’s fairy tale could not do without mineral shadows Divine Night from MAC elegant luxury eye can truly be called the “divine”! Gorgeous, rich colours gives real chance to feel yourself the star of Christmas party – all eyes will be, certainly, focused on you. “Baked” minerals processed into powder, allow skillfully to launch air shadows. Color is imposed very carefully – literally, layer by layer, absolutely not slipping into and without overloading the delicate skin of eyelids. Two elegant shades of beauty attire for eye consolidated in one of the glamorous box.

Moreover, MAC is still and gift sets pigments eye Nocturnals Pigments and Glitter – one of the best Christmas gift, which can only dream of every girl. We were overjoyed at the precious radiance five mini-bottles of miracle-наборчика. For the holiday smoky eyes makeup collected magic palette of gold, copper, bronze, glamorous black metallic, sparkling beige. Pigments for the eyes from MAC can only be compared with jewelry. Forever diamonds – that’s the image came to our mind. And of course, we can’t mention glossy black box, decorated with white and gold decor.

Continue holiday party together with the fantastic product from Lancôme Hypnôse Palette. Listen magic numbers: twelve black lacquer boxes, five shades in each, two professional applicator on magnets and three spectacular image as a result of new year’s makeup. Gentle, puppet image Eyes Doll – fresh and natural shades, which visually open their eyes. Hypnotic image Drama Eyes: rich and smoky shades for a stunning look. Spectacular image of a movie star Star Eyes – refined elegance and chic look.

Reticulation Hypnôse – revolution texture and colour, thanks to intelligent technology Wet: after evaporation of the liquid on the skin are ultra-concentrated color with ideally distributed with mother of pearl. Dry drawing of shadows fall for ever smoked veil, giving a view of softness. But with the “wet” – texture becomes cream, “flattening” a thin silky layer that makes the color of even deeper and more persistent. Incredible shining makeup, perfect texture coating and high resistance of decent work.

Gold, gold, very much gold! We continue our holiday overview shadows Ondulations D’or performed by Givenchy – all shades of gold, bronze and black as Haute couture dress for a century. Easy зефирная texture new shadows specially designed for the delicate skin of the eyelids. Shades can be used alone or mixed together, creating any combination of mood.

Formula without talc delivers a radiance, a unique technology of Marmara blotches of color in the color tab allows you to create unique images. Magic metal is happening right before your eyes – black and gold when mixed form a deep and rich bronze tint. Both colors can be applied independently, and black logical to use eyeliner and a smoky effect.

In our grasping the handles were eyeshadow from the brand Viviene Sabo called Camée Relief Eyeshadows, the design of which repeats the bas-relief of jewelry. Matte texture relief shadows allows to achieve incredible results, and a subtle shimmering coating on the rugged silhouette adds shadows even greater similarity with the work of art.

Christmas gift from Laura Mercier is unusual beauty tool for eye makeup Metallic Creme Eye Colour. Lightweight, non-greasy, luxurious metallized formula creative shadows spreads over a century luminous haze. Universal and very delicate colors complement any new year’s image. The main thing – stop in time: only a glistening drop of cream cover the entire eyelid.

If this year you were a good girl, fairy give you more and more lustrous three-dimensional shadows Illuminating Eye Colour, texture which is amazingly soft and pleasant to delicate skin. Long-lasting beauty product works for eight hours, and metallic shimmer – the whole day. Think it’s beyond reality? Christmas is the time to believe in miracles!

Christmas time is the best time for creativity, so that the eye makeup just need to turn in this act art. Freedom festive beauty creativity is possible, and our magic tool – the whole art system of make-APA Freedom System Eyeshadows from brand Inglot. Smooth, creamy powder eye shadow presents in an unrealistically huge number of shades. Winter evening-parties exactly is insufficient for full test drive. Therefore, you should do stock and create your own set of shadows on the same panel. Some of the ladies from our editorial office collected his impressive collection of “squares” Inglot few years.

Overview of new year’s make-up eye logical end awesome makeup remover Nivea Double effect is mesmerizing and beautiful two-layer liquid with a cornflower extract. Suitable for the most sensitive eyes and even for those who wear contact lenses. And moreover, beauty elf removes even the most waterproof formula.

So we told you about the most luxurious means to create a truly festive eye makeup. Go for it, girl!

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