Первое фото Кейт Мосс для Playboy

The network had the first all-photo Kate Moss for Playboy. Photoshoot British model edition decided to celebrate its 60-year anniversary.

Founder of the magazine, Hugh Hefner has made a statement, in which they named the choice of model for the jubilee cover ideal:

She’s a celebrity with a world name, the icon, which incorporate sexuality and first-class professionalism.

Editorial Director of the magazine Jimmy Jelinek in his commentary compared moss with one icon to appear on the cover of the first issue – Marilyn Monroe:

Is a major global brand. And to celebrate his birthday, needed a global icon. From this we departed. We are talking about the “face” Burberry, the most famous supermodels in the world, which appears on the cover of Playboy. She is the perfect person, which will usher in the next 60 years edition… it All started with Marilyn Monroe on the cover 60 years ago. And now we have a Kate moss!

Nude Kate moss will decorate a double room January-February 2014. According to rumors, the photo shoot for the cover was held in June, and its author were old friends of Kate, photographers Meurthe MERT alas and Marcus Pigott.

By the way, the number will be посящен two loud anniversaries: the 60th anniversary of the edition and the 40th anniversary of moss.

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