Бывший муж Сандры Баллок Джесси Джеймс рассказал о трудном браке с актрисой

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

Ex-husband of Sandra Bullock gave an interview to Daily Mail and talked about a serious Union with the actress. 47-year-old Jesse James, with whom she adopted a boy Louis, and then filed for divorceafter learning about the infidelities of a spouse, newly admitted to infidelity, but told about the difficult life with a star.

Yes, I have cheated my wife. Took responsibility and apologized. It’s the end of the story. Both women and men cheating is a part of life. People like to watch you fall. Remember the past and come to the conclusion that too acutely on all react. For six months near my house were 50-60 people with cameras. Felt this is not a very good feeling. I am by nature a fighter, so if I don’t like something, you want to hit. Glory is meaningless when the quality of life drops to zero,– has told to journalists, TV presenter and motorcycle manufacturer.

Сандра Баллок и Джесси Джеймс
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Unlike James, his ex-wife does not like to remember the divorce which was really hard for her. Sandra turned the page and met the photographer Brian Randall, next to which happy now.

Her life after Jesse was very difficult. She really took the news about his infidelities, blaming myself. Sandra thought he was Louie’s father, so the divorce was hard for her twice. Now feels much better and believes that everything happens for a reason. She became an independent mother and met a nice man who loves her and children. For some time she lived only for Louis and avoided meeting new people. It took a while before she could again trust and love. While Sandra works, Brian stays with the children,told the insider about the actress, which in 2015 have adopted a second child, a girl, Lila.

Recall, Sandra Bullock, and Brian Randall met in January 2015 on the birthday of the son of the actress, and last year appeared rumors about the upcoming wedding couple.

Сандра Баллок
Sandra Bullock

Джесси Джеймс и Сандра Баллок
Jesse James and Sandra Bullock in 2010

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