Women have always attached great importance to the well-groomed hands. It is impossible to feel free and confident, if the nails are not processed and have unkempt appearance. Lac helps to hide defects and gives hands on a special significance.

If the choice varnish women prefer well-known brands trusting the manufacturer of the health of your nails, with the indispensable attribute of care on them – removers, things are much worse. The vast majority of women didn’t pay attention for its composition, it is quite content with the fact that acetone lacking. However, it is wrong. Although much has changed, the choice of this cosmetic drug should be thorough. Now this tool is available in several forms: liquid, gel and cream. The most convenient and frequently used is the first one.

Not so long ago, was known only to one version of the varnish removal – liquid-acetone-based. It was impossible not to notice what kind of damage she put the nail plate. Its surface обезжиривалась, lost humidity and healthy color. Fortunately, recently cosmetic producers began to produce such a substance that does not contain corrosive chemicals. This fact reassured the women, and they enjoy the cosmetic Polish remover, not thinking about the fact that it has remained the same: any artificial turf, before taking out, you must first dissolve. And this is impossible without strong chemicals.

In the composition of Polish remover instead of acetone now part of MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) , which has almost the same degree of toxicity, as his predecessor. There’s just one difference: there is no abrupt specific smell. In addition to this substance in the varnish remover present isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, and various components of glycol-based. These components do not have any marked harmful actions on the keratin cells, but evaporate more slowly and leave quite a considerable fatty film. Knowing what the impact of a complex chemicals on the live nail tissue, the manufacturer seeks to mitigate the effects of the use of fluids Polish remover, and adds a large amount of useful keratin cells substances. Most often it is a complex of essential oils, herbal extracts, vitamins. An essential component of this cosmetic tool is calcium. In some cases there are mineral supplements and panthenol, which is a magnificent healing and disinfecting substance. If the label cosmetic indicated that it has panthenol, it is most useful for nails, as it helps them to strengthen and healing of small cracks. And, undoubtedly, in each nail Polish remover is odorant substances, giving it a pleasant smell.

Of course, the current beauties much easier to maintain the health of your nails than their mothers and grandmothers, but we should not lose vigilance and unconditionally trust the manufacturer of cosmetic products. Some of them like to save on some useful component. Therefore, it may be wiser to when buying nail Polish remover familiar with its composition. Those manicure, that responsible approach to their work, brainstorm all the products that fall within their scope. Now, they are advised to use modern means of nail Polish remover, not more often than 2 times a week. If you do not follow this rule, then the nails soon lose its luster, will become lifeless and brittle. Can add still such a thing as a loss of elasticity and lamination.

We can conclude: the best nail Polish remover that, which includes as many useful components. Of particular importance is the presence of her injuries. Can one learn all brands and choose the best option.


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