Manicure in our days already for a long time is not a luxury but a necessity. It is known that professional manicure is not cheap. However, doing good manicure one can learn a beginner, saving time and money.

Beautiful well-groomed hands – is the key to personal success of each person, whether man or woman. Even the simplest manicure can work wonders in creating a good impression. However, manicure to this day remains the prerogative of more female than male. Although men do not mind occasionally to «spoil» their hands. Hands care and careful nail condition, a good sign.

Varieties of manicure today very much. Every woman can pick out individual manicure, according to its taste preferences: long natural nails, and accrued and even the shortest. The solution can be quite varied, depending on the situation, occupation, health indicators and so on.

Often, women make a choice in favor of simple nail on short nails of small children to prevent them from injury. However, this does not exclude the possibility to have a beautiful manicure even short length. Technics of performance of nail Polish (basic classical) is not complicated. Therefore, manicure nail for beginners will be quite a feasible task.

The easiest manicure is hygienic. But if the soul requires diversity, then need a little effort. However, any, regardless of the selected master, manicure must pass a basic stages before any further work on nail-art, capacity, acrylic moulding, etc. First of all, the nails should always be given a desired same form, remove the cuticle and burrs, by necessity, Polish nails.

These simple steps will always look manicure flawlessly. Simple, but at the same time in an intelligent way, will look nails bearing the transparent firming varnish. Varnish, albeit transparent, able to create the impression of a healthy and well-groomed hands. Besides such varnish exclusively fit the nails of any length.

The length of the nail should always be taken into account in the selection of color and shade of a varnish. This is important because the short nails, for example, look good matte, pearl soft colours, with long permissible to use any color solutions. Drawing on nails coloured varnish – is the easiest manicure.

If you want something fun, then, as an option, can become art painting nails. But here it is important to note that nail art requires certain skills. Do complex drawings happen only with time and experience, but on the first pairs, it seems to do the painting yourself. To facilitate this task, the beginners can use pictures in pictures, as an educational and visual aid.

Thus faster will remember the sequence of action and набьется hand». As improvised material, you can also use a variety of stencils and templates. The main thing in painting nails, that the figure was made carefully. Another important point in nail design is the size of patterns: for short nails categorically does not fit very large or very small pictures, and a horizontal painting.

Nail art is not only a part of manicure and a great opportunity to show the imagination and spend a happy time. To have healthy and beautiful nails at home, subject to simple rules it is quite possible. The easiest manicure nail able to create a stunning effect and a great spirit of its owner.

Professional manicure is not always available. But to be able to do the most simple manicure obliged to every self-respecting woman and young girl. Indeed, well-groomed and neat nails women is peculiar her business card.


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