дизайн квадратных ногтейThe beauty of women is largely determined by its willingness to regularly take care of herself. Attention should be paid to the skin, hair, and nails. Beautiful manicures, tender skin of hands and a properly selected Lac create the unique charm of each of the fair sex. Giving the nails of a certain form is one of the main points of the programme of hand care. The square shape of the nail plate enjoys probably the most popular. The design of the square nails today will be a topic that will light now Beauty-Hands.ru. 

Features of square shape nail

This manicure is universal and common sleep on women’s arms. It is suitable for both short and long nails. Especially well this form of nail plate looks thin and skinny fingers.

But the owners of plump handles are necessary to carefully select options manicure. Square nails can make fingers thicker, shorter, and the brush in General, male and rough. If your fingers are not too graceful and delicate, you will save long nails. This design square nails visually lengthen fingers.

The square shape, often chosen and those who prefer artificial nails. Such an option is considered a classic manicure and hardly ever goes out of fashion.

Also it is important to know that the square nails are ideal for office work. First, this nail design fits perfectly in the business image. Secondly, the square shape of nails greatly facilitates the work of the computer, namely typing on the keyboard. Such nails easy to write with a pen, discomfort Yes at considerable length of the nail plate.

Psychologists say that the square nails prefer a business lady, as well as open, honest and purposeful girl.

If you are interested in the design of the square nails, then you will be pleased to know that it is the most suitable form of nails, prone to breakage and delamination.

дизайн квадратных ногтей

дизайн квадратных ногтей

How to give your nails a square shape

  • To start trim the nails in a straight line to get a smooth edge.
  • Now with the help of a nail file handle the slice. Use only glass nail with a gentle abrasive coated, not to injure the nail plate. At this stage, you get a square nail with sharp corners. It looks not very aesthetically pleasing, and not convenient in everyday life.
  • The next step will be making nails beautiful shape with rounded corners. To do so, nail file from where the nail ceases to be in contact with your finger until the middle of the edge of the nail plate.
  • Nail length choose yourself. However, make sure that the nails were the same size.

дизайн квадратных ногтей

The design of the square nails small length

Even if your nails rather short, you can make a refined and bright manicures. The trend of the spring-summer season – juicy colors and rich decor. Also popular acid shades and unusual materials for decoration.

Bright nail short square nails looks amazing. You can also revive manicure with sequins and rhinestones. We recommend you to allocate the contrast color nail tip, and border decorate smaller beads.

For square nails, you can use any of geometric pictures, and make them easy to yourself. Triangles, as above, so below will help make custom manicure. Also a pattern in the form of small circles, covering the entire surface of the nail, can create a holiday mood. The main thing to choose a lot of contrast and bright shades.

In the cabin of the master will be able to decorate your nails elegant paintings. Spring looks scattering of flowers or branch with green leaves.

Fashionable and funny design of square nails – French with effect потекшей paint. Run it easy. You need lacquer a relaxing hue, acrylic paint any bright color and thick brush for painting the nails. You must first apply the varnish in a couple of layers. When it is completely dry, go to the creative phase. A thick brush and paint first draw a nail tip, you can not worry for the evenness of the edges. Now, draw a few vertical lines with a small thickened at the tip. You will get a very interesting result.

дизайн квадратных ногтей

дизайн квадратных ногтей

дизайн квадратных ногтей

The design of the square nails great length

More than a fingernail, the bigger your chances as an artist. Therefore, with long nails work more interesting, and options manicure in this case more.

On the long, square nails perfectly looks normal «French». However, the colours to create it you can choose absolutely any. Revive trivial manicure keeps painting. Every nail is it possible to issue in its own way, but in the same style.

Bottom edge of the nail tip recommends draw a pattern or decorate it with rhinestones. Manicure master can also perform molding on the nails that also in the trend for several seasons.

Square nails are ideal for wedding manicure. In this day of celebration site beauty-hands.ru recommends the use of pastel colors and limited by the classic «jacket». However, to give a manicure elegance help patterns, rhinestones, and feathers, and artificial flowers.

дизайн квадратных ногтей

дизайн квадратных ногтей

дизайн квадратных ногтей

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