черно-желтый френч гелевые ногти фотоThis article describes the popular designs French manicure which women do before the wedding, official events, meetings of friends. The article also tells about fashion jewelry nails.

гелевые острые ногти черный френч фото

гелевые ногти форенч фото

To create these nails are used a special gel. Is produced in white, matte or transparent. Gel has a great Shine and quality. In recent years, French manicure (often called French) and is especially popular with the girls! The masters created nails oval form or in the form of «shovels». Their tips are covered in a specific color is the firm style of a French manicure. The main part of the nail put another hue, transparent or opaque varnish. The design of the French on the gel nails can be different, often wizard in addition put an original and elegant ornament. On this photo shows that the figure almost completely covers the nail.

гелевые ногти необычный френч фото

гелевые ногти черный френч фото

гелевые ногти френч с узорами фото

Colour French manicure do girls who want to stand out, to emphasize their originality. On the tips of the nails is applied bright shade. In recent years European stylists and manicure especially frequently refer to nail plates fashion jewelry, including foil, crystals, polymer clay.

гелевые ногти френч со стразами фото

гелевые ногти цветной френч фото

For making French Millennium need iridescent glitter. They are beautifully refract the incident light.

гелевые ногти черно-белый френч фото

Special design is considered French on the gel nails in a classical style», which is created with the use of white paint. They covered a free tip of the nail. The rest of the cause shades that mimic the natural color of the nail plate.

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