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Суд обязал Мелани Браун выплачивать экс-супругу Стивену Белафонте алименты в размере 40 тысяч долларов ежемесячно

Melanie brown and Stephen Belafonte

Melanie brown and Stephen Belafonte continue to sort things out through the courts, started divorce proceedings in March. Today it became known that the judge granted the former darling of the ex-soloist of Spice Girls and ordered her to pay Belafonte alimony as a temporary spousal support in the amount of 40 thousand dollars a month. In addition to this, Mel b will be forced to pay the costs of Stephen the lawyer and court costs – a lump sum payment will amount to 140 thousand dollars.

Almost immediately after Melanie filed for divorce, the spouse with whom she had been married for 10 years, began to demand through court for joint custody of children and spousal support. Belafonte claimed that needs help to pay for food, accommodation and phone bills. Note that brown and Belafonte grows a daughter together, 5-year-old Madison, and the singer has two daughters from previous relationships: an 18-year-old Phoenix Chi Gulzar and 10-year-old angel iris Murphy brown.

Recall that the separation of the spouses was accompanied by scandalous accusations of infidelity, violence and abuse. In April, Mel b has decided to fight with the father of her child for permanent sole custody of Madison.

Мелани Браун
Melanie Brown

Стивен Белафонте
Stephen Belafonte

Мелани Браун и Стивен Белафонте
Melanie brown and Stephen Belafonte

Source US Weekly


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